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    Hi Jeff! Perfect, I now have hands - thank you! I looked for updates the other day, but I just didn't scroll down the Support page far enough... I just flew a pattern and all seems great - I need to study up a bit to figure out how to operate the C172 flaps with the VR controller - I had to land pretty hot =O

    Hi Jeff, thanks for the reply!

    I unplugged my Saitek Pro Flight system (USB). The only other things I have on USB is an ext hard drive and wireless keyboard/mouse dongle. Still no luck.

    I checked in Task Manager for any Oculus apps that are running - there are no Oculus apps running, but I do have the following Oculus background services running:

    OVR Service Launcher



    One thing; when I launch the Windows shortcut (""C:\Users\walke\Desktop\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\bin64\aerofly_fs_2.exe" -othervr), the Oculusclient.exe runs automatically (3 instances).

    I do keep my graphics drivers (NVidia GeForce 1080) up to date regularly.

    By "Show virtual hands" I meant the option inside the VR settings menu itself that says "Show hand controllers during simulation."

    I am using the direct digital download version of Aerofly FS 2 that I purchased from several days ago. It is version 2.0.5 (20171102), purchased about 1 week ago.

    Here's my TM.log file:


    Thanks for the help!

    I am brand new to Aerofly FS 2 and am trying it for the first time. I can run it in VR mode (either launching from Oculus with the -othervr option or from a desktop shortcut with the -othervr command line option).

    In Oculus Home, my left and right touch controllers are working fine, but in Aerofly, they haven't shown up at all yet, even in the startup menu. I've searched the forums and the 'net for suggestions, but haven't found anything. I DO have the "show virtual hands" option turned ON in settings.

    Thanks in advance!