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    This is awesome, thanks a lot for the share!

    The F-5 would be a unique and awesome jet to have in Aerofly mobile. Your experience would be instrumental in developing an accurate jet in the sim


    I have some suggestions for improving 737-500 sound effects:

    1. Replace the GPWS altitude call outs with the GPWS altitude call outs found in most Boeing aircraft (see end of video). This GPWS update could be applied to all Boeing aircraft in the sim

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    2. Change elevator trim sound to a more realistic sound for 737 (sounds more like a pinball machine in real life)

    The Tactical Air Support livery would be awesome to have in the sim. Looks from the pics like the F-5 would be in its element being flown in the Utah scenery as it is in the South Florida and Switzerland sceneries!

    I agree 100%. I think that the F-5 and Hawker Hunter would be great first additions to the sim.

    These classic jets both flew in Switzerland and the F-5 is still flying today (very active in the south Florida region since F-5s are flown out of NAS key west which is featured in the sim). F-5s are also flown in Utah and other places.

    It would be awesome to have global flight. The only feasible solution I can see is streaming scenery data from a server via a download.

    The developers can provide users with 2 streaming options.

    Option 1 is to stream satellite imagery of the terrain and 3D structures at airports only.

    This would be the quickest download and smallest memory wise. If most flight will be performed at high altitudes, this would certainly be sufficient.

    Option 2 is to stream satellite imagery of the terrain and all 3D structures for an area (airports, cities and landmarks. Level of detail we have currently).

    This would be the largest amount of data to stream and would provide the most detail. This would be best for folks flying at low altitudes, VFR flying and/or flying helicopters in a city environment.

    Real world weather would also be an awesome addition.

    Just some ideas. Keep up the great work!


    It would be nice to have more specific weather settings.

    For example, wind strength is on a scale of “calm” to “strong”. It’s difficult to understand what wind speeds are calm vs what wind speeds are strong.

    The sim has wind speed and direction displayed at the top of the screen.

    In this case, it would be nice for the slider to allow you to select a wind speed from 0 kts to some higher value vs calm to strong.

    The same idea can be applied for other weather settings. Thanks!


    It would be cool to have an AS350 helicopter in the sim. Many different liveries to choose one. A cool livery would be California Highway Patrol (CHP) since we have California scenery. They do a lot of search and rescue and law enforcement work with their AS350 B3’s.


    It would be awesome to have more hospital helipads in the California scenery. Northern California, especially the San Francisco Bay Area has several hospitals with helipads.

    Adding more hospital helipads would definitely make things fun for us rotor heads. Thanks!


    It would be awesome to be able to fly world wide in AF2021.

    To make this possible, my idea is to make it possible for users to stream regions.