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    Thanks for the tip. Cycling the 4 key puts the view on the camera. However, it is fixed to the body of the quad so the view tilts when the quad turns, stops, accelerates etc. Ultimately I am looking for this same thing to happen when you cycle the 3 key. This would be a stabilized view. Right now when using the 3 view, I can use the arrow keys to get close but it stops in the center of the body. If it could go a little closer to the front of the camera with the arrows or add the same functionality from cycling the 4 key to the 3 key that would be great.

    Thanks again.

    I would also add that on a Mac Book Pro with Retina display the difference is stark. Apps can be optimized for this to sense between the two.

    Is it that RC8 renders everything at a higher resolution?

    I love the product. Great work.

    If you need any beta testers I would love to contribute. I use a FrSky QX7s and Playstation 4 controller. My main interest is in simulating the Mavic 2 Pro but I love all of the flight models. You have done an outstanding job.

    I am also interested in creation tools on the Mac with Cinema 4D as the origin app.



    I am new to RC7 and wanted to ask how to turn off auto-balance on a quad-copter. I see mention of it but cannot find it in the manual.

    Also, I read that you wanted to see the user feedback on RC8 before releasing the Mac version. Any idea when we might expect RC8 for the Mac?