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    if i have an xbox controller will the controls disappear or not?

    No, the control icons will still be visible on screen but with some quite changes. But, no worries you can easily make it hide by the process that was mentioned by Sir Lucas Bravo in this thread

    Documents > Aerofly FS2 folder > main.mcf open this file with Notepad ++ search for "Fade_controls" and change from "false" to "true"!

    This will easily fix the issue you are Facing :)

    Using a keyboard and mouse to control aircraft in this flight simulator is not a good idea, this is made to be used with joysticks and throttle quadrants,

    Yes, you are right.. But, if anyone can't afford those for any reason then the solution is to get VJOYSTICK installed in his/her PC. By this they can get the feel of Yoke through their Mouse.

    1. I am pasting the link in here to Download it. --

    2. How to use it, he/she can visit YouTube for it and if unable to figure out I will help :)

    Hope this helps for those who currently don't have a Yoke. I personally used it for 5+ months until I bought a Yoke and it's really helpful and easy to use. :)

    any cleared reason for this?by IPACS

    You can hope that your requested 747-8 may come to Aerofly Series after more 3-4 Years Later.. Maybe 8o . Who Knows?

    Well, the reason maybe as they are working on other stuffs for Aerofly and already if I am not wrong they already have some Aircrafts in their Waiting List.. So, the Answer is Maybe in Future... :D

    Why are you telling me you don't have this problem? I found this problem, and I'm feeding back, what's the difference between the two?

    Sir! I think You must try to make a Fresh Install of Aerofly FS 2021 by Uninstalling the Current one you have now..

    Maybe this will fix the issue you are having in your side. :)

    I tried to look for it with the developer camera and I didn't find it, developer camera moves so fast and the plane would be so small to find.

    I went to the exact location and it was empty.

    I also looked into tm.log file and I'm not sure it even loaded it, because I searched ''dc10'' from there and it didn't find it.

    Exactly! Same for me as well. I searched Every Direction of the specified Location but Failed to Spot the Tanker.. :(

    Hello aerosimmers,

    I saw some A320 liveries to download for the sharklets model, but I dont have any A320 with sharklets on my Aerofly FS 2 (PC). Its already available and not working here?

    Thank you

    No Sir, Unfortunately the Sharklet version of A320 is not officially available for PC version but one of our Beloved and Talented Member of this Growing Community successfully ported the A320 Sharklet version from Mobile to PC. His User Name is P L A Y You can DM him and Chat for further Information :)

    The tricky bit would be simulating the docking of the nozzle and the weight transfer. Because obviously we want the other aircraft to have proper physics when we can interact with them.

    Aircraft carrier, push back, aerial refueling etc. all require a new system to load models with physics which we haven't gotten around to programming yet. In my opinion it's just a matter.

    Exactly what I thought... :D:D . But No Spooking about "Animated Physical Water System".

    I think that they will be able to do that in the coming 3 Years or more.... Who Knows? As the feature you requested is rather Complex to Implement.. But, I think if they are able to Bring out Aircraft Carrier with Arrested Hook and Catapult System with OffCourse Physically Animated Waters not Static Images then they might be able to do that ;):D

    I fly using both the Controller and Keyboard/Mouse not at a time but I prefer both for flying..

    Let me see Sir if I can figure out with the way you mentioned. For NOW it seems like the way you told is working.

    Thanks Sir. :)<3

    Dear Sir,

    You have not mentioned how to Enable/Disable the above mentioned feature( I mean any HOTKEY). I am planning to make a Short FILM of Aerofly. Any help from your side will be helpful to take perfect Angle shots . :)

    Best Regards,


    Ok and so when you disable your joystick how do you then control the airplane during takeoff, landing or final approach?

    With the On-Screen TouchPad Yoke that appears at the Bottom Right Corner.😋 when I play with only Keyboard/Mouse no Joystick Connected. 8)

    What exactly do you want to do with the default keyboard and mouse configuration that you cannot do when the yoke is connected?

    It's really useful for doing CINEMATIC Recordings both at the time of Controlling the Aircraft and doing snap and QUICK views by using Developer Camera mode.

    In Prepar3d, FSX, X-Plane I can easily and very Dynamically do that kind of Recordings as they have that HOTKEY feature to get Keyboard/Mouse Layout or Controller Layout just with one click of button and without exiting the Sim. But with Aerofly it's gets Difficult to get the required angle of Shots both while Controlling aircraft and recording at high speeds or while at Takeoff or at Final Approach.

    Hello Sir,

    Is there any HOTKEY available in Aerofly FS 2(PC) so as to Enable/Disable CONTROLLER while in Game without closing the Sim and coming to settings?

    I mean the one that we have in FSX, Prepar3d to Enable/Disable Controller( XBox or Yoke or JoyStick ) in Game.

    It sometimes become really essential to get the Default KEYBOARD/Mouse Configuration back even at the time when using a YOKE or Controller. That is a HOTKEY to get the Keyboard/Mouse Layout and Controller Layout with one click and in game without closing the sim..

    Best Regards



    Is there any news of what you are planning to release for our Aerofly FS 2 next ?

    Sir @Jet-Pack even teased us some but no CONFIRM news of what is coming forward. It's nearly closing 1-Year that we got some new Features and Items in Aerofly FS 2 but till now nothing new just FIXES and PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS.( which I appreciate)

    I think we all Community Members deserve to get some CONFIRM NEWS 😊as might be due to no Confirm News our Community Members are getting Impatient 😅😂. JUST JOKING...

    What you say Sir admin and Jet-Pack (IPACS)



    What .kmz file does in the Elevation Folder that I got along with "New Zealand Elevation". What to do with it?

    Also I installed the IMAGES as per Instruction in FlightSim.Org but still the IMAGES are not showing up in AeroflyFS 2.. What to do now? Please Guide me.