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    I'm afraid that is not in my hand. There are many graphics cards out there and if we add work arounds for each particular driver limitation we would do only that for the rest of time. I'll ask the higher-ups again but I can't promise that we can fix it. We'd need a test device first I think.

    Thanks Sir for your Hearty Reply.

    Sir, if you won't mind you can use my PC(Laptop) as your Test Device. I will be happy to assist you with that.

    As when I saw that X-Plane Vulkan runs smoothly on my MX110 and Aerofly doesn't I really got Upset. For this I asked you.

    If you need my Device to assist you. I am ready Sir.:):)<3

    Sir Jet-Pack, Can you please bring VULKAN Support for MX110 in the next update?. Please Sir, it's a kind request.😭😭

    what i do is delete the lights and reflections in the folders, that improves my fps a looot

    WAIT THERE IS A NORTHWEST like Washington and Oregon or do u mean New York?

    Ya New York KJFK DLC.

    Well how do you delete the Lights and Reflections Files?

    Hello Mr Jet-Pack

    I recently bought ORBX Innsbruck and downloaded Northwestern USA DLC from Steam.

    The problem is that I am getting poor FPS when I start to fly in these two DLC's. My Usual Graphics Settings is "High". I also have other DLC like Denver, ORBX Eagle Country, ORBX Chicago Meigs Field.

    I get almost 40-45 FPS while flying through those DLC's but for the ORBX INNSBRUCK and Northwestern USA DLC pack I am getting Low FPS close to 20-21 FPS.

    Even I switched my Graphics Settings to "LOW" but still I am getting same 20-21 FPS, it is neither increasing nor decreasing though I am changing my Graphics Settings. What to do Sir? For correcting this problem?;(;(

    Hello Everyone

    Can anyone over here all Pilots either Virtual or Real help me with proper guidance about how we can use VOR for navigation and for Landings in an easy way not in Tough words.

    I get very much confused about how to use it in any aircraft starting from BOEING to AIRBUS.

    A small help will be highly appreciated..

    Hello Sir Jet-Pack

    Sir, Can you confirm whether at this moment Aerofly(PC) has the capability to render Volumetric Clouds like what we see in the all new Microsoft Flight Simulator?

    I mean I am really very much confused whether Aerofly(PC) has the power to do it or still it needs to go a lot in order to render those clouds.

    The Default Clouds now looks so unrealistic after Microsoft Flight Simulator came out.

    Please Sir can you kindly confirm that?

    Well, knowing the highest elevation in the Maldives it 2.4 m AMSL, then you'll need a very accurate mesh...

    Yes I did a highly accurate mesh with level of 15. I am getting really HD Pictures of what I got in Aeroscenery. But no mountain elevation. How to do? Does GeoConvert helps us to create mountain elevations?

    I used Aeroscenery to recreate the scenery of Maldives where there are mountain elevations but with the scenery that I created don't show the mountainous elevations in Aerofly. Just flat mountain pictures. How to convert them? I mean how can I elevate the mountains?

    Mr Jet-Pack

    Here are all my routes when I flown through them the Autopilot malfunctioned. I WILL write the waypoints in "small letters" where the problem occured.... [ I am writing the route as per the sequence in the new Aerofly FS 2 Navigation menu.

    1. LSZR - 28 - bemk2v - RAST4A - L26 - 26 - LOWI.

    2. LSZR - 28 - amik2v - elme1a - L26 - 26 - LOWI.

    3. LSZE - 28 - bemk2r - elme1a - L26 - 26 - LOWI.

    4. LSZR - 28 - SITO2V - brem2b - R08 - 08 - LOWI.

    5. LSZR - 28 - kpt3r - TULS3A - L26 - 26 - LOWI.

    6. LSGG - 05 - belv5p - SBG3A - L26 - 26 - LOWI.

    7. KJFK - 31L - SKORR3 - hubrd1 - L27 - 27 - KSAN.

    8. KJFK - 31L - hapie3 - LYNDI3 - L27 - 27 - KSAN.

    9. KJFK - 31L - SKORR3 - shamui - L27 - 27 - KSAN.

    10. KISP - 24 - LONGT4 - maz1f2 - 08 - KSNQ.

    These are some routes where the autopilot malfunctioned.

    Also in KJFK. Is it a mistake that SID- "HAPIE3" and "GREKI3". shows same point of turn while I choose KSAN as my Destination Airport?

    Also Sir I cannot select the "ORBX Meigs Field Airport" in the "Destination" Icon of the Navigation Menu. While I click to set "Meigs Field" in the Destination box it don't get selected. Is it a fault?

    Mr Jet-Pack..... Till last week I have identified almost 42 waypoints where the Autopilot doesn't turn the aircraft (Just goes Straight).

    Among them with the new Alpha Patch Update only 2 waypoints were resolved but the rest are still not working.

    I will be uploading all the "waypoints" by today and all the routes where the problem occured. I am taking screenshots.

    By the way the "Hotspot" lies in the Switzerland and ORBX Lowi Region waypoints. Most of the waypoints doesn't work there.

    Also in the 737. If I turn off the Navigation Lights inside the cockpit, it doesn't turn off in the aircraft. It just remains on. (This problem was not there earlier).

    Please fix it. I will be uploading all the waypoints by today.

    Bringing a 787 will be highly appreciated because no other Sim pilot can expect a study level 787 by default like your 777-300ER and other highly detailed and interactive Default Aircraft. As your 777 has driven many new pilots to buy this Sim even including myself.

    Sir after the new Alpha patch update I am experiencing a small navigational issue. In the first Aplha Build the problem was not there and so in previous versions but with the new patch the problem is showing up to me. In the first patch I did a flight with the 777-300ER from Innsbruck(ORBX) to KJFK( John.F. Kennedy). And the aircraft flew according to the flight plan(made in Navigation Menu) following all SID/STAR. But with the new patch Today when I again flew the same route, the Autopilot of the 777-300ER is not catching up the STAR at KJFK. The LNAV is not turning to the STAR. The Autopilot is letting the aircraft to go straight. I checked all my paths in the Legs menu. And everything is allright. But the Autopilot is not catching up that. Though it catched up both in the previous version as well as in the First Alpha Build. If you acknowledge this as a problem then I will explain it briefly with the Flight Plan.

    Also Sir in the new update still you Haven't brought any VULKAN Support for MX110 and MX130. Please can you kindly bring that as then I will be able to fly with a bit more FPS and less Stutters. Sir Jet-Pack, it is a requested Support of many users as X-Plane11(VULKAN) runs smoothly in MX110 and MX130. But Aerofly doesn't. Please give your attention to that.

    Otherwise I haven't experienced any further issues after the new patch update. All the previous Navigational Issues of the First Aplha build is fixed for me. I mean the GPS and Angle Deviation problem.

    Best Regards

    Sir Jet-Pack can you please kindly try to bring VULKAN Support for MX110 Graphics Card in the upcoming major update. Please I have been waiting for 2 years for IPACS to bring VULKAN Support for MX110.

    And now I got more excited as I saw that the new X-Plane 11 Vulkan runs smoothly on MX110. But AeroflyFS2 still doesn't. I am bit disappointed in this issue. Can you please look over on this matter. :):)

    Can you clarify me which things will work on Aerofly other than movement of the Aircraft Carrier.

    I mean I planned to give animations to the following parts:-

    1. The Upper Deck with everything animated starting from Launch Pads(Catapult).

    2. Animated Crew over Deck which I will try my best to give animations which will look exactly what you see in the "SuperCarrier" module of DCS.( Human Animation is the most toughest animation ).

    3. Animated AI Fighter Jets doing Take-off and landing in the DECK.( I hope "Aerofly Life" project can deal with it ).

    4. Animated rudder of the Ship and other Navigational Instruments like the Landing Aid Indicator ( Don't know it's full name ).

    Which among the above animations will render perfectly inside Aerofly? Please let me know.

    Also can you tell me the limit or the maximum amount of " Polygons " that the core engine of Aerofly can render without performance impact.

    Also dealing with the most important thing " Coding ". I know only Python( which I am in learning phase). I don't know LUA or C++ or C# or JavaScript.

    Will I still be able to get the thing bring to life in AeroflyFS2.

    Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to know whether it is possible to create a "Supercarrier" like DCS for Aerofly FS2. Having Animated Marshallars, people, animated fighter jets taking off and landing back on the carrier.

    I mean I am making a 3d animated model of the Supercarrier in my 3ds Max. Its almost 98% done( static model ) not animated. I will animate it later. I was working for the last 5 months in making it. And now it's coming to its completion.

    For this I was wondering whether AeroflyFS2 internal SDK will be capable of creating a very-detailed Supercarrier with full animation.

    Please kindly let me know whether it's possible or not? As if you all say "YES" then I will move forward in making it animated otherwise I will keep it as a model.

    As animations will require Animated People, Animated Jets and other lots of stuff.

    Best Regards :):)

    Sir Jet-Pack now what you say. Everything is there just you need to create a layout for Aerofly FS2. I tried the Apk inbuilt X-Box Controller but it's very difficult and unfamiliar. YOU GIVE IT A TRY.

    If you wish I can create a short video and show to you when I used this Apk to control Aerofly it's worked but without a proper layout it's very difficult to fly with.

    I can show you how it's working with Aerofly Fs if you wish. Because I figured out something.