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    Six million dollar question, does it work in FS2?

    As a by the by all of the UK and Ireland are available FREE in photo scenery with cultivation at

    My add-on scenery and cultivation takes up over 450 GBS.

    Dear Sir,

    Is this Post that you Uploaded is a reference to my Post Above or Someone Else?

    I am asking because as you haven't Mentioned anyone's QUOTE so its bit Confusing to get who are you Referring :)

    Well this is my all Personal point of view about this Topic. I don't know whether Dear Developers will agree to it or not as I have very stipulant Idea about how the Photoscenery of the world gets generated or the 3d World. 8o in Aerofly FS 2.

    I was saying if it is possible to IMPORT 3d Scenery of any part of Globe created using "UNIGINE" ( it's not UNITY). I think this may become bit more clear from this Video after you watch it from the link below:

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    I am learning how to create 3d Geoscenery using UNIGINE for the past 1 Year and made good Progress. Even I created the whole "Andaman and Nicobar Islands(INDIA)" using UNIGINE and its 97-98% fully accurate with 1mm/Pixel Resolution and actual 3d Buildings assets( Including Accurate 3d Airport) though the whole size is around 10GB. Well this can be made shorter by CLOUD Streaming.

    The main thing is that it is COMPLETELY FREE for NOW.>..........

    Maybe Sir Jet-Pack (IPACS) and admin and other Respected Scenery Developers will share their thoughts about it..

    I fly using both the Controller and Keyboard/Mouse not at a time but I prefer both for flying..

    Let me see Sir if I can figure out with the way you mentioned. For NOW it seems like the way you told is working.

    Thanks Sir. :)<3

    Dear Sir,

    You have not mentioned how to Enable/Disable the above mentioned feature( I mean any HOTKEY). I am planning to make a Short FILM of Aerofly. Any help from your side will be helpful to take perfect Angle shots . :)

    Best Regards,


    Ok and so when you disable your joystick how do you then control the airplane during takeoff, landing or final approach?

    With the On-Screen TouchPad Yoke that appears at the Bottom Right Corner.😋 when I play with only Keyboard/Mouse no Joystick Connected. 8)

    What exactly do you want to do with the default keyboard and mouse configuration that you cannot do when the yoke is connected?

    It's really useful for doing CINEMATIC Recordings both at the time of Controlling the Aircraft and doing snap and QUICK views by using Developer Camera mode.

    In Prepar3d, FSX, X-Plane I can easily and very Dynamically do that kind of Recordings as they have that HOTKEY feature to get Keyboard/Mouse Layout or Controller Layout just with one click of button and without exiting the Sim. But with Aerofly it's gets Difficult to get the required angle of Shots both while Controlling aircraft and recording at high speeds or while at Takeoff or at Final Approach.

    Hello Sir,

    Is there any HOTKEY available in Aerofly FS 2(PC) so as to Enable/Disable CONTROLLER while in Game without closing the Sim and coming to settings?

    I mean the one that we have in FSX, Prepar3d to Enable/Disable Controller( XBox or Yoke or JoyStick ) in Game.

    It sometimes become really essential to get the Default KEYBOARD/Mouse Configuration back even at the time when using a YOKE or Controller. That is a HOTKEY to get the Keyboard/Mouse Layout and Controller Layout with one click and in game without closing the sim..

    Best Regards


    As we mentioned previously we will update our products on an irregular basis and we do not tell any release dates. We are not sure, why some user think that a 'big update' is coming. As we stated previously as well, we are working on multiple new things and will publish updates whenever they are ready.

    Sir take your time, no need to Hurry. I personally believe that our waitings will not go in vain.. But Sir, if you can provide us all a HINT that what feature will be definitely coming in next update( no need to tell us all but the 100% confirmed one). I know that your small reveal will boost our patience. Hope you can feel it.. :):saint:


    Is there any news of what you are planning to release for our Aerofly FS 2 next ?

    Sir @Jet-Pack even teased us some but no CONFIRM news of what is coming forward. It's nearly closing 1-Year that we got some new Features and Items in Aerofly FS 2 but till now nothing new just FIXES and PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS.( which I appreciate)

    I think we all Community Members deserve to get some CONFIRM NEWS 😊as might be due to no Confirm News our Community Members are getting Impatient 😅😂. JUST JOKING...

    What you say Sir admin and Jet-Pack (IPACS)



    Well, it did run very well before the update. I have about 10fps more than with OpenGL, and these fps are dearly needed since overall performance is on the lower limit.

    In my case I even can't taste VULKAN ^^ as IPACS never upgraded their support for MX 110 Graphics Card. I get around 30-35 Fps or even more at HIGH Settings using OpenGL and TrackIR. But don't know what VULKAN will give me in terms of FPS..

    Can you Guess Sir/Madam? :D:/:)

    What .kmz file does in the Elevation Folder that I got along with "New Zealand Elevation". What to do with it?

    Also I installed the IMAGES as per Instruction in FlightSim.Org but still the IMAGES are not showing up in AeroflyFS 2.. What to do now? Please Guide me.

    Hello Dear Developers,

    Well I know that you guys are hard at work for getting out our next update..😋. Still I want to clear out a Query that popped up in my Mind about "HDR lighting". This is a feature which nowadays Every Game has but Aerofly Lacks it😔.. However-Moving on......

    It is visible in the SIM that at Night when I turn on the Landing Lights a bit part of the FUSELAGE gets Illuminated by that Light but the rest body and Environment don't..

    So dear Sir/Madam, is it possible to increase the light Rendering distance in the .Config file? ( I mean the Light Scattering over the Whole Aircraft body not just a part of the FUSELAGE)..



    Thanks Sir for your Attention,

    I would like to reset the TRIM setting in the Cessna 172....

    I want to Reset them to 0 Position because it becomes easier to manuever at SHORT FINAL. In the Airliners I am able to reset it to Default position but it's not Resetting in the Cessna.. It just stays the way I leave it.. It even doesn't Reset if I close and Open Aerofly again.. :)

    Sir Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Is there any way to RESET my Trim Settings to Normal? I use Keyboard and Mouse to play Aerofly FS 2.

    Once I use TRIM in any Flight.. That settings doesn't Reset to 0 Position once I close and again open Aerofly..

    I tried to find a Key-Binding Setting to RESET Trim controls but found nothing with any such function.. What can I do?



    Suggestions are always welcome but please don't create another wishlist for aircraft. Everyone has their own personal favorites and we can't add all of them.

    Aside from the usual content that you see in all other flight sims, are there any features that you would love to see in a flight sim that you only see in other games?

    will Love to see ""Particle Effects""... as this Feature is there in almost all GAMES.😋😋

    I think that as per the Current trend in Flight Sims... that is of "Realistic Environment".... Our beloved IPACS team needs to create an "Authentic Weather Engine" with Realistic Sky Colours and Volumetric Clouds before they go for something more exciting...... as this Amazing Sim is Slowly getting Backdated due to misssing of "Weather Engine"... * Its all my Opinion.. Please!!! Anyone don't mind... I dont know what Sir @Jet-Pack will Say about it :( .

    But I love this Sim and IPACS <3 . So, will keep waiting for something NEW.

    Hi can we get full city and rural areas night lighting like the city of Denver it would make the Mobile version even more realistic and immersive we really need this thank you

    I think that for now it is not Possible to bring this Feature for Mobile devices as till now the GPU of Mobile Devices are not powerful like a 2GB Graphics Card for PC..((Though some Gaming phones are Powerful enough to handle it but it is FEW and Maximum people can't afford to buy such High-End Phones)).. Also, several Restrictions may come out like Performance, Storage, Battery Consuming....

    Keeping Everything in mind it's my Personal Opinion that *Light* Feature all over the Scenery at moment may not be possible..

    I Guess the DEVELOPERS will have the same opinion as mine😉. May DIFFER!!!

    So, I think for now it may not be possible.