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    That is intentional because the light does not throw any shadows and it would look as if the entire cockpit glows.

    In a perfect world devices would have enough computing power to render thousands of real time lights that cast shadows. Ray tracing comes closer to that goal but that would not run on mobile devices which our engine also supports.

    Does it mean that we wil be getting RTX support in the coming versions of Aerofly FS for PC?? :/

    admin I run Aerofly FS 4 on my Laptop: Specs RTX 3060, Ryzen 9 Processor, 16GB Ram, 1TB Hard Drive.

    In order to reproduce the crash, Play the Challenge "A380 Return to Service". Like when I fly this mission with altitude 12000ft, at the time when I start to descent for KLAX, the Simulator Crashes everytime I fly that challenge.

    Hello there,

    Recently I bought Aerofly FS 4, and while flying some Challenges with A380. I encountered some weired Bugs that makes my simulator Crash.

    1. Fly the Challenge "A380 Return to Service"- While you will be on Autopilot not CoPilot, just when you will be approaching the Destination Airport, the Simulator Crashes everytime I fly this Challenge. ( See Image Below )

    2. Can you Please Check the Orientation of the Main Side Landing Gears of the A380. It seems like they are not properly Extended, they are bit tilted.

    3. Inside the A380, hop into First Officer Seat and in the FMS-2 press the Number Buttons in the FMC-Input Keyboard, the Orientation of numbers is opposite. Like If you press 6 it will show 4 on screen, similarly, if you press 9 it will display 7. Kindly Check.

    Hello Developers and Community Members,

    Will it be a cool thing in Aerofly FS 4, if you can add the new "Top-Gun 2 Maverick" livery in the F/A-18 Super Hornet and if possible a static Aircraft Carrier(Official).

    Please, have a look into this Suggestion. Hope, adding this Livery will not hamper your Development Roadmap😉

    Best Regards,


    AI taxiing in and out of gates and apron just like in turboprop flight simulator, and maybe collision with ai also?

    This is one of the most demanded Features for Aerofly FS. But, this thing require lots of things to be done so as to get the AI Program ready to work out properly in the Engine. Both for PC and mobile.

    Yes, you can hope to get it in the future as slowly the developers will implement it.. So, Keep Faith and wait.. :)

    I can't see that button but i think its because im using a phone

    After you come to the main Page of the Forum and you eventually enter several other sub-pages like this "General Discussion for Mobile devices" page.. At the top you will get it in all Phones.

    Can anyone confirm that my eyes are not cheating on me..😅.. Is that Traffic displaying on the MCDU? It looks very similar to the format of TCAS the diamond magenta with the Arrow signs..

    Can anyone confirm whether ILS32 is available in the DEP/ARR section of FMS of the 777 for Zurich(LSZH). I am unable to find the Runway in the FMS of 777, neither any STAR for Rwy 32.

    It shows inside the Navigation Menu before starting the Flight but I am unable to find it inside the FMS of the Aircraft.

    Ok THAT‘s uncommon and most likely the problem. I suppose your yoke is not centered or your Trim setting is not set to the desired needed for your Takeoff .

    At the time you Engage the A/P. Make sure your controls are all centred as Boeing 737 A/P relies on Hydraulic Control Inputs to Function not on Fly-By-Wire.

    I hope this will solve the issue.☺️


    can anyone send me a folder with the files needed to add our own objects ? The command prompt keeps giving me a configuration error.

    Thank you all,

    Ester .

    Have you gone through the Developer Blogs here in the Forum? about Developing Add-On Stuffs for Aerofly. I think you will find a Solution to the Problem.

    If still nothing Happens or Happened let the Moderators know about it. :)

    I may be wrong or Right.. :/ But does the PC and Mobile Version share the same Base Source Code?

    Well, if Yes then being so easy why Dear IPACS Team do not add them by only Changing some files from Mobile? ( Is this tough from their End or they need to get the Textures, Polygons, VULKAN Texture Mapping and other stuffs on line and up to standards for PC Platform? ) or Is there some other Story? as seeing that our beloved Community Member is so easily getting the features to come to PC that we desperately need, which we all expect that the Developer IPACS team will add but they aren't is making me feel very very Disappointed. :(:( ( I am keeping Faith in IPACS Team that they will bring out nice things with perfection at some point but seeing all these I am Struggling to keep my faith over our beloved IPACS Team ).

    Sir Jet-Pack (IPACS)  admin , Can you please Clarify the reason why you are not adding those features in PC but a single person is easily doing it?? X/ :?:

    It is really getting hard for me to keep my patience. I really love Aerofly FS and IPACS but seeing all these :| . :!: Please do not Hurt my feelings for this Team ;(

    Generally I fly Long-Haul to Medium-Haul flights in Aerofly FS 2 with IFR . But, recently for the past 1 week I am flying VFR with Cessna-172 and fly-past in the Canyon with F-18.

    I noticed that in upper skies the Wind Conditions that I set in the menu for the flight flows and behaves accurately as that of real life when above 4000ft . But, now as I am flying in VFR at low-Altitudes in between Mountains the Wind does not behave accurately. I mean the wind flow do not care about obstacles in its path and flows uniformly. I tested a lot but I cannot feel the streams ANABATIC and KATABATIC winds (that develop between the Mountain Slopes). They are much harder to handle in mountains if strong winds above 20knts are blowing over mountains. I mean FOEN in the Alps Mountains. These winds are not simulated in Aerofly but I found this wind in MSFS.

    Sir Jet-Pack (IPACS) , Is it possible to get it in Aerofly? It will be very helpful so as to practice mountain Flying accurately. ""If you need to check what I mean make a VFR Flight to Innsbruck with Winds set to medium and direction set to East and thermals set to medium then you will feel that the wind flow is uniform everywhere the mountains do not block the flow nor create the FOEN winds.""

    I hope you will look to this matter :)