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    Thanks Sir for your Attention,

    I would like to reset the TRIM setting in the Cessna 172....

    I want to Reset them to 0 Position because it becomes easier to manuever at SHORT FINAL. In the Airliners I am able to reset it to Default position but it's not Resetting in the Cessna.. It just stays the way I leave it.. It even doesn't Reset if I close and Open Aerofly again.. :)

    Sir Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Is there any way to RESET my Trim Settings to Normal? I use Keyboard and Mouse to play Aerofly FS 2.

    Once I use TRIM in any Flight.. That settings doesn't Reset to 0 Position once I close and again open Aerofly..

    I tried to find a Key-Binding Setting to RESET Trim controls but found nothing with any such function.. What can I do?



    Dear Developer,

    February is coming to its end.. Is there any SNEAK PEAK of what may be coming or you are working at the moment for our beloved Sim *Aerofly FS 2*?

    Sorry to say but I am getting really impatient 😂😋 for a little bit NEWS of what is coming next (Confirmed).. Either LIVERY or NEW Region or anything.. As Updates are coming out both for Mobile and RC Version but not for this Atom. Or You can give us a HINT😉.

    I hope Sir/Madam you will try to Shower some Light on the request I mentioned above😋😁. I do believe that the Whole Community of PC Version will ELATE up with your slight Satisfying Answer..

    Best Regards


    Why the COG in the 747 of Aerofly FS2 is at the backward of the Fuselage?? It needs to be pretty forward....Due to this the 747 in Aerofly always remains in a state of Pitch-Up . I mean Nose-UP...... Cam we get a fix in next update?

    Suggestions are always welcome but please don't create another wishlist for aircraft. Everyone has their own personal favorites and we can't add all of them.

    Aside from the usual content that you see in all other flight sims, are there any features that you would love to see in a flight sim that you only see in other games?

    will Love to see ""Particle Effects""... as this Feature is there in almost all GAMES.😋😋

    I think that as per the Current trend in Flight Sims... that is of "Realistic Environment".... Our beloved IPACS team needs to create an "Authentic Weather Engine" with Realistic Sky Colours and Volumetric Clouds before they go for something more exciting...... as this Amazing Sim is Slowly getting Backdated due to misssing of "Weather Engine"... * Its all my Opinion.. Please!!! Anyone don't mind... I dont know what Sir @Jet-Pack will Say about it :( .

    But I love this Sim and IPACS <3 . So, will keep waiting for something NEW.

    Hi can we get full city and rural areas night lighting like the city of Denver it would make the Mobile version even more realistic and immersive we really need this thank you

    I think that for now it is not Possible to bring this Feature for Mobile devices as till now the GPU of Mobile Devices are not powerful like a 2GB Graphics Card for PC..((Though some Gaming phones are Powerful enough to handle it but it is FEW and Maximum people can't afford to buy such High-End Phones)).. Also, several Restrictions may come out like Performance, Storage, Battery Consuming....

    Keeping Everything in mind it's my Personal Opinion that *Light* Feature all over the Scenery at moment may not be possible..

    I Guess the DEVELOPERS will have the same opinion as mine😉. May DIFFER!!!

    So, I think for now it may not be possible.

    Dear Sir Jet-Pack,

    Sorry for Disturbing You😔😔.

    Sir, can you just clarify that whether you and the Entire team of IPACS are working for something Big for us in next update??( PC Version ).

    That's All.. I even don't want to know with what you are working on but just this small request so as to boost my excitement to wait even more🤗🤗🤗. I hope you will fulfill this simple request mentioned in 2nd Para.

    Best Regards


    I get this in FS2 on OpenGL when using an on screen display for assurance of my graphics card fan speed and GPU temperature. With VULKAN the display looks fine but it crashes with anything above the lowest graphics settings. Presumably the O.S.D. sits high in VRAM which causes a problem in a 2GB card.

    This is from Asus's GPU Tweak II software, is there anything else that works with a 2 GB card?

    Yes..... ;) .You can definitely use the "MSI-Afterburner" for seeing your on SIM FPS with no such Graphical Bug... Even I personally used it in my MX110. :)

    Best Regards


    Sir Jet-Pack,

    There is a Square sized Hole in the Cockpit of 747...


    1. Jump to the "Flight Engineer Seat"/ "Seat right behind the First Officer" Camera..

    2. Once you are there just move the Camera to your Right Side where the Shelf is located that contains the FCOM.

    3. There you will be able to see the HOLE.

    I wonder why the Pressurisation System dont show any warning while Having a HOLE in the Cockpit???

    Hi there

    I try to train someone to fly the A320 over zoom and even give him the stearing of my screen. I get an error "Close this window..." Does anyone have an idea how to solve that?

    Thanks a lot.!

    I think using "TeamViewer" will be the most Accurate choice other than using "ZOOM" or "G-MEET"... As "Team Viewer" not only allows to Transmit your Game Screen but will also let you to control it Remotely..

    Hello Sir,

    Wish you and every IPACS Forum Member Merry Christmas in Advance..

    When will we PC users like the Phone users be able to see Computer Generated Traffic, Sharklets, A380, and Realistic Sky Colours and Official UK Scenery in PC Version.( Steam/DVD Version)?8o

    I am really excited to welcome this new ERA of Traffic in "AeroflyFS Archive".... by Flying in the Virtual Aerofly Skies. Hope, Sir *Jet-Pack*, you and IPACS team Members will look to my Wish..💖💖

    Hats Off, IPACS.

    Best Regards


    We're always working behind the scenes but we can't yet say when the next update will be available. We have found and corrected many issues in the navigation and it should work much better with the next update.

    Please SIR Jet-Pack... Really wish that VULKAN Support will be added for MX 110 Graphics Card in the next Update......;(;(;(