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    The values the tfw file you can find inside the geotiff properties

    The tif has a size of 6000 x 6000 pixels. Which values should be inside the file?

    I attach the file, which I downloaded from

    Maybe someone wants to check, if it is possible to create elevation from this. <3

    Here is my German tutorial for the work flow to show you that I tried to come to an own result ;(


    Your advice prompted me to create a complete description based on the video instead of the notes already made.

    I downloaded the files again, checked my changed

    [lonlat_min] [55.0000000,-20.0000000]

    [lonlat_max] [60.0000000,-25.0000000]

    The coordinates come from the *.hdr file:

    Corner Coordinates:

    Upper Left (55.0000000,-20.0000000)

    Lower Left (55.0000000,-25.0000000)

    Upper Right (60.0000000,-20.0000000)

    Lower Right (60.0000000,-25.0000000)

    I hope that I didn't mix anything.

    However, it is strange that there are slightly different coordinates in the *.tfw file, which came with the download:



    In my first try, I didn't change it, the second time, I adjusted it to the data from the *.hdr file:



    Again, no result :/

    BUT, there is another thing, which might be responsible: I put the coordinates according to the video and the example file mesh_conv.tmc to the levels 12, 13 and 14. The example of the video has 1/3 arc-second, which means 10 metre data. The downloaded tif are 30 metre data. Should I put the coordinates to another level???

    My dear dude there's a tutorial video by qwerty42 on page 1 of this very thread explaining the process.

    Thank you for advice. GeoConvert started, but didn't produce anything :(. Maybe it doesn't work with the mauritius file. I made a test yesterday with theYosemite area with querty42's source and it brought me a result.

    Thank you ozhomeroz,

    how do I download the files? Which additional files do I need for the "input_aerial_images" folder of GeoConvert and how do I get the information? I wanted to start with Mauritius for testing.

    Cheers, Luca

    I'm sticking into this scenery now with 5 m terrain mesh aerofly love it ! Canary terrains will quadruplicate resolution in the next update.

    I'm looking forward to flying along Playa de Papagayo. With 5 m mesh it will look fantastic. :)

    I would like to improve the base aerofly mesh; next I will attempt to compile whole Italy at 19 m and post a download link on this forum for those who want to download

    Ray, you're my hero. Since I love flying in Italy, it will look much more real in future when I glide over the Apennines. Thank you very much! :thumbup::)

    Hi Antoine,

    Thank you for your response. You are right, it is from IPACS. The cultivation is from orbx.

    I will try to find a method, which will fit or I will redo the whole Switzerland with Level 9-14. ;)




    I want to replace a city in an area created with AFS levels 9-13 (e.G. in OrbX Switzerland) with my own production of that city with AeroScenery with AFS levels 9-15.

    Since I can't get the OrbX color of the original city, I can't create only the missing AFS levels 14 and 15. It would be noticeable by changing the color when flying nearer to the city.

    Is there a possibility to create a mask or something like that for a part of an existing scenery, so that only a certain area would be "cut" out, which I could replace with my own production?



    After recently installing the May update of FS 2, I can't start the Starfighter from Larrylynx anymore. The update of the plane didn't help either.:(

    Does any of you have the same problem and know how it can be fixed?

    Greetings from Babenhausen/Hessen (Germany)


    1. Find out the coverage of LOWI scenery files.

    Hi Rodeo,

    Thank you so much for pointing that out. This is a great program. Orbx has created ortho files with level 15 around the airport at LOWI and reduces the levels all around in steps. Unfortunately also relatively close to the airport to resolutions lower than Level 14, where I would like to have level 14.

    Through the program the pop-up of different colors became clear to me. By mixing the files with priority for the orbx files, I suddenly had my higher resolution images with the other colors on approaching. But since I want to have a higher resolution in a larger area, I decided for loro's tip (thank you loro!) and created 0.5 m/pixel resolutions for the valley with AeroScenery.