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    I have taken over the Carbon Cub from an other fellower a few years ago and have done some work on it. But, by best will, I don't have time to finish it.

    So, if you are interested, I might pass it forward to you.



    (Puoli suomalainen, puoli saksalainen. Mutta mun suomi on hyvin huono.)

    Hello Kai!

    Thanks for the message, would definitely be interested in that😀 Aerofly is a fantasic sim platform, and I think there is lots of potential for third party development. We could discuss this more👍

    I have been working on an electric conversion of a Schluter Cobra AH-1 model, which has a fixed pitch head. Does Aerofly RC8 contain any scale heli model with fixed pitch, which could be used for training?

    Been looking at the Aircraft SDK for Aerofly FS4, it should be possible to bring the helicopter model into the simulator. Another issue is the flight model, there are some documentation about developing an aircraft and needed parameters, but they are indeed very fixed wing oriented.

    Btw, did some tests with the new UH-60 and have to say that it is very impressive. Flight dynamics seems very good, and the model is top notch. Also the autopilot works extremely well. Great work IPACS! :)

    The helicopter TMD coding is very complex and highly detailed, IPACS are extremely protective of how the helicopter physics work. Most of which I didn't understand. Similar to the complexity of their gas turbine engine coding.

    I was worn to secrecy under pain of having certain bits of my anatomy removed and making a necklace from them =O

    I see, seems little counterintuitive when a public aircraft SDK is available, did not note that it said fixed wing only. Would admin want to comment on this. Will not spend time on this if it is not possible to do at all.

    If you ever get to work with the heli TMD file, I would stick to a helicopter with 2 or 4 blades as its much easier. IPACS are very protective of the heli coding so you will need their permission first and you will need to demonstrate a strong, no, very strong dedication to the development. My guess they would like to see the full model first.

    Developing a fixed wing aircraft. which I recommend you do first, is a rewarding but time consuming task, a heli is maybe 1.5 times the fixed wing development. Sitting in a virtual version of the model you built and programmed is like the big Christmas present you always wanted.


    Thanks for the info, very much appreciated. I am sure the development would require a significant of work and learning, I do like challenges myself. I find the work you did on Aerofly FS2 outstanding as well. I found the Aircraft SDK for Aerofly FS4, and details on how to get the actual model into Aerofly (I have been working in Blender).

    So if I understood the documentation for rotorcraft development is not public, only for fixed wing? What is the reason for this Jet-Pack (IPACS) ?

    Well I do not expect all modules to be free, in this case it is more about it was slightly unclear that the Deluxe edition would be needed to receive any additional modules in the future. And having separate DLCs with only a particular aircraft would be nice iindeed (as I do not want any fixed wings myself).

    Hopefully IPACs will provide updates to the existing models such as the EC135 and R22 as well.

    Its communicated this way in the Blog:

    Yes I noticed that. It was slightly unclear when I got the Aerofly FS4 that the Deluxe bundle was needed to get any new aircraft in the future. Or the aircraft DLC (thought it was for that particular fixed wing which was included).

    Ya, having to pay ~aud$60 for a bunch of aircraft I don't want, just for this heli (which I probably don't need) is nothing short of a money grab imho. Since FS4 is far from a finished product I don't think any DLC's are warranted right now. Pretty disappointing imho.

    Yes normally I do not mind getting payware but in this case I agree, I only want the rotorcraft models and no fixed wings at all. When I got the Aerofly FS4 I was thinking we would still receive new models like was the case with the EC135.

    There are no SDK's out yet for the new Aerofly FS4....
    Big plans! It seems to be a hard and time consuming job.
    Still hope someone will give us the tiny Mosquito helicopter for FS4, but of course you should work on a model of your own liking. :)

    Yes it will probably be a lot of work, but I was thinking working on it more as a side project from time to time:) I am definitely open for suggestions what would be nice models to have😀