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    Hi Jan,

    You have deleted all the recent posts but can you please give some explanation ? I can easily understand there are some informations which cannot be posted on a public forum but please give a little bit of data to all fans of helicopters who have fallen in love with AFS2 ..

    Thanks, Vincent.

    AFS2 has a real gem that is the R22 (well maybe he has others but I'm focused on the helicopters) but it is the only helicopter which is available in the simulator. Would anyone know about the development of an additional helicopter for Aerofly?

    I'm pretty sure that I saw somewhere that a developer was thinking about porting one of his heli to AFS2.. it was not DreamFoil, maybe X-Trident or X-Rotors ? I can not find any infos on the web...

    And maybe IPACS itself has planned to add a new one in the medium or long term?

    Thanks, Vincent.

    Is it possible do a dark and cold start with the R22 ?

    Apparently it's not possible from the UI, maybe by tweaking the conf files ? But if it's not possible yet via the UI it should be some good reasons...

    Thanks for your replies that have allowed me to complete the english page with infos related to AFS1 :thumbup:

    The page is still not visible because the moderators are very picky when creating a new page on the english version of Wikipedia, which is a good think (it was much easier on the French version).

    Realtime multi-body simulation, e.g. with changes in center of gravity and inertia as you lower or retract the landing gear.

    You can read more about the features on our official aerofly homepage as well

    If you do create a wikipedia page, make sure to link back to the official homepage and wiki pages :)

    Thanks Jan for your reply, and yes I will add a reference to the AFS2 wiki.

    • I cannot find any information about AFS1: could you please confirm me it was released on 2013 (and AFS2 was released in 2016) ?

    Could someone please confirm me that AFS1 was released on 2013 and AFS2 in 2016 ?

    And what the content "out of the box" in AFS1 ? There were as many aircrafts as in AFS2 ? And the detailed sceneries was limited to the west coast of the USA like in AFS2 ?

    Yes I know but on Wikipedia we talk about a single page only, it's less detailed than the AFS Wiki and it's not the same goal.

    And there were nothing in Wikipedia (english version but also in the french or german versions) which spoke about Aerofly !


    I've created a page dedicated to AFS on the french Wikipedia:

    It's mainly a simple copy/paste/translate from the website. I plan to translate it back in order to make the english page.

    I have also reorganized the list of flight simulators on that page in order to put AFS2 on the top of the list. I did the same on the english page ;)

    But I have few questions:

    • I cannot find any information about AFS1: could you please confirm me it was released on 2013 (and AFS2 was released in 2016) ?
    • About the flight model in Aerofly: is it more like X-Plane (everything is computed in real time) or more like FSX/P3D (use of pre-computed data) ?
    • Can I use the AFS2 logo attached to that post ? Can I use some screenshots taken from the website/wiki or made by myself ?

    Thanks for your help,


    Yes this type of texture is particularly valuable for helicopter landing because it helps enormously to judge the distance with the ground.

    Hello everyone,

    I just created an account on this forum just to make a huge thank you to the IPACS team. I discovered AFS2 a few weeks ago and I am always amazed by the quality of the software.

    I practice almost only helicopters and after seeing tons of screenshots more sexy than the others in the reviews of Sergio Costa (on I took the step. I was quite skeptical because for me the future of the simulation was inevitably around P3D and especially XP and it was difficult for a challenger to invite himself to the table. Especially from a small company .. big mistake!

    I knew that AFS2 was famous for its VR support but I did not think the 3D engine was so good. For years my old machine has more than suffered with XP10 and then XP11 (despite an upgrade to 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1060). But here with AFS2 I can put all the settings to maximum with a very good framerate, I feel that my machine has rejuvenated 5 years! :)

    The second slug was the test of the R22, what a wonder! Its expert / profi mode is really impressive. To resume, if I go back to fly with the B206 on X-Plane I feel like I'm playing an 90's arcade game!

    My 3rd slap was about the quality of the scenes (helped by the quality of the 3D engine). Out of the box there is only a part of the US West Coast but with an incredible quality. I then bought New York, Chicago and Innsbrück, which are even more impressive. For the scenes produced by ORBX it's not so surprising because they have experience and a lot of employees who are dedicated to that... but I'm really amazed to see the quality of the scenes produced directly by IPACS (US West Coast and New York City).

    In short a big thank to you IPACS, you are my best surprise for a long time :thumbup: