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    I’ve since deleted FS2. Looks terrible in the Pimax. No decent helo’s to fly either. I’ll likely reinstall it in a couple of years when it’s up to scratch.

    Hi there, may I ask are you using "Wide FOV" option in pitools? This doesn't work correctly with Parallel Projection on currently as it will set the rendered resolution beyond the limits of steamvr. As such the end result is a slightly blurred image. "Normal FOV" works fine though. I have been using my 5k+ on all sorts of games and AFS2 works flawlessly at the moment with incredible graphics when using the true earth pack from orbx or others. It would be nice if AFS2 supports cantered displays natively so we don't need parallel projection enabled, but it still manages fine currently on a 1080ti and provides an experience no other VR headset or sim can currently match (visually and performance wise).