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    Or sim people have gotten wind of all the incredible freeware available for this high FPS good looking flight sim.

    Aerofly has the most stuff on compared to the other sims on the market.

    For example the community has and is making its own version of TE GB for example, and thats just on example.

    Production of such high quality freeware has spiked recently.

    Maybe word has gotten out, that if you want an immersive sim with great ortho, meshes and auto gen without paying an arm and a leg or anything actually for add-ons, Aerofly is the go to for this.

    That is very attractive for casual sim gamers who may wish to dabble in flight sims but not invest a big financial outlay.

    Its why I'm involved in Aerfly rather than the other sims on the market.

    Reason I suggest level 12 as that its a smaller area, just like orthoes, small tile is less likely to conflict than a big tiles is my thinking in regards to masking.

    And we know that if masks are needed no file is written according to the mesh_conv.tmc.

    And since for you no file is written it could be that a mask is required. Circular logic I know.

    Just trying to help

    OK I will stop now hahaha ;)

    I see at your geo convertinging at Level 7, isnt that the same geoconvert level as the default mesh.

    Also I hear DLC's can use level 10.

    To avoid any possible mesh conflicts, I suggest you try at level 12 only. For Science

    I read that Tom's mesh for Great Briton has issues with planes sinking into the ground, for which I also suggest only geoconvert at level 12, again to avoid conflicts with underlying meshes.

    This worked for me when making my 30metre Sydney region mesh just a month or so ago.

    I then was able to place 2metre meshes above this base mesh at level 13 and 14.

    Basically I suggest, don't geoconvert at levels below 12 to avoid mesh conflicts.

    By the way I'm using an old SDK as I have not updated it since I downloaded it when I installed the game.

    Also I noticed your SDK is on your desktop, maybe theirs an issue with very long file path, so I suggest moving the SDK to the root of your drive to eliminate this issue being a cause of your problems.

    Unfortunately my attempts to import a higher resolution mesh so far have been unsuccessful for reasons.

    The DEM Data is in asc format with no other accompanying meta data files such as prj files unlike the DEM data for Sydney airports which did include those prj files. Not to mention the pain of converting OSGB36 coordinates to long/lat but I wont bore you with that.

    As a result things went far from smoothly, with me trying several work arounds over the day.

    Without those prj files the hieght data was wrong, so for now I give up.

    Doh I may try again another day when my head clears.

    Please don't tell Lord Vader of my failure.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    I downloaded 50 centimetre (not metre) mesh for EGFD.

    Just saw TomSimMuc's post,

    Tom will you upload this mesh to Flight sim org.

    If so can you only geoconvert at level 12, so that I can add 50cm airport mesh at level 13 and 14 for EGFD and others can also add other airport meshes on top of your lets call it user base mesh.

    Just to stop double handling

    Other wise I will make the 30m SRTM mesh as I originally stated.

    I could make a mesh using 30m SRMT data,

    Never been to the UK so you guys would have to check it to see if its any good.

    Been making a tutorial for meshes with SRMT data

    Was going to do just Scotland but may have to do the whole of the UK instead, since you guys are so busy.

    Give us a day or so.

    Dude you need some horse power to drive those to monitors, to me I see you are ram deficient , slow downs happening when your system swaps memeory to disk due to your low 8 gigs of memory

    A cheap upgrade would be memory since u on the small side, Upgrade from 8 to 16 may have a big effect

    Game may not need much doh that combined with the rest of your programs it all has an effect. Swapping from disk to RAM is the biggest slow down with computers in my experience, And more RAM is a cheap upgrade compared to CPU/GPU as long as your PC has the slots to accommodate.

    Level Order is important to consider when Geo-converting, although in my limited experience hasn't caused spikes rather omissions instead , and may be causing a conflict. I heard and read stuff and my thinking is that the different meshes work like orthoes with the layer underneath fill the space of masked areas.

    Im guessing

    Default mesh Level7

    DLC Level 10

    Your Under layer mesh Level 11 for 20m SRMT for example

    And the high detail meshes Level12-14 for 2 metre mesh

    So if your High Res map was geoconverted at level 10 the same as the DLC in my example, could be trouble and worth checking out I think

    Another issue I can see is masking with two non connect areas sharing the same level 12 cell. So if you have a level 12 cell with map data on both sides with a gap in the middle is when you will have a masking problem with one side disappearing. But I haven't seen spikes from this.

    When you download your file for your favorite area it is not always magically ready as in the tutorials.

    Some time you got to make them ready to geoconvert. With QGIS

    Luckily we have QGIS and in the coming weeks I will post on my methods and work flow for making the Sydney mesh Project thingie for others to digest that will help the communities knowledge base on elevation mapping. Rather than take individual requests, just no time for that but such a walk through can increase the communities knowledge of QGIS and some of its benefits.

    Be sure to read the fine elevation tutorials on the forums, as I won't be covering much that has already been covered so superbly so you will need to study up on that.

    Rather it will focus on preparing your map when its not ready to geo-convert using the Sydney project a an example. Because when I started it definitely was not ready with spikes galore.

    More stuff incoming.

    Here is a preview

    Its a beta but the airports now work much better, as you will see with and without the meshes installed.

    The meshes are modular so its easy to isolate parts.

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    Last part I want to do to complete this projects scope is fix the Colo river in places as it resembles roller coast, very immersion breaking.

    Airport meshes can be added easy enough any time later, Colo river will take some patience and time to remove those immersion breaking roller coasters.

    For maximum immersion, after all its an Air Race Track.

    Can you do the Colo Run!