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    Some more impressions:

    Those positions :whistling:, they look like wharfs/Jettys, boats would be fitting

    Doh I guess I can try to add them myself

    Just a suggestion to increase immersion :saint:

    Seen another thread about cars on a carpark, boats and wharfs also make a good pairing.

    If its too much work dont worry about it. Just suggestion.

    Too bad no xref boats are available

    If I may suggest to IPAC to save them some effort and to keep the community occupied whilst said effort is saved

    Allow high end trusted user developers to create more stickies so that noobs like me can learn and not bother IPAC's , IMO

    For example: how to flatten airport tutorials could be extremely helpfull, I already did i for my self, doh IMO their is interest in such subjects such as this/

    For others less IT inclined could be of use since its a common issue with noob developers among others ( We guys) and would avoid repeated requests for said issues IMO

    And save IPAC much work in terms of customer mod support, which detracts from their work flow IMO

    Of course a disclaimer would be usefull, for reasons

    Give them their own space if trusted and with disclaimer to sticky user developer info

    I say this cause at the moment you have to troll (is this the right word?) many posts to consolidate info, the info is scattered

    Must be a better way. After all these user develop guys work and trust worthiness and abilitly in terms of product and communication with the comunity is great in my opinion from what I have observed.

    IPACS you guys are guid, but perhaps not using your trusted community's potiental IMO

    Hi 5 IPAC u stil the best in terms of graphical performancr per buck.

    You small , just saying let the dedicated have their sticky place to help other without bother you guys too much from what you are doing.

    Because the forum is kind of fluid, the good info one saw yesterday can be a bit hard to find tomorrow


    Its a work in progress, limited man power mean that if every request was granted, the work in progress would stall to an unacceptable rate


    o/ = means wave

    I think there is no manual (yet) because not everything is fully functional (yet). The FPL also is not as it should be: I am sure there are more little errors and bugs at this moment. Take note that the GNS has been created by IPACS, not Just Flight, so in the coming years it will become more and more complete, I suppose. You can indeed download Garmin manuals but don't expect everything to work as the manual says.


    Yes but I am assuming its simulation a real world device, so real world manual could work, kinda , sorta , maybe, perhaps.

    Just trying to help

    Do a quick Google search for "gns 530 manual"

    I found a bunch of manuals and supplements for it on Garmins website as the 1st link in the google search results.

    The manuals called Pilot's Guide

    Theres also a Quick Reference Guide which may be what your after.

    This may or may not help, but I think its worth a crack as the games a sim and I guess it would sim the GNS too, so Garmins manual may suffice.

    Ended up leveling airport taxiways in gimp, using google maps as a stencil, exported a google maps in qgis using the same extent as the elevation map.

    Then picked a runway pixel and brushed the taxiways with the runway elevation colour.


    Hello Turman

    I been trying to follow your instructions

    "QGIS just go to Process > tool box > SAGA > Reclassify values and then in the bottom of the dialog box just uncheck "replace other values", and that's all !"

    I need help, I tried that but when I run qgis I get an error.

    Do you have to add a no data value, or Min and max height data?

    I tired uncheck "replace other values" and running it by it stops with an error.

    If you can kindly give me more detailed instructions that would be great.

    Other wise if its that simple maybe the error lay else where.

    Just want to be sure Im not making a mistake.

    Some Background, I have a 1metre .asc file with a accompanying .prj file

    Ive contverted it to EPSG4326:WGS84

    Its coverts just fines, but I get the spikes like you did.

    I tried renaming elevation folder to test default mesh conflict, but the game just makes a new one, lol

    So now Im asking for help

    Before I write my next post for help with gimp, small help promise

    Cause I been trying to avoid having to learn gimp

    Fingas crossed

    The Error

    Processing algorithm…

    Algorithm 'Reclassify values' starting…

    Input parameters:

    { 'INPUT' : 'E:/CamdenAirportElevationData/Wollongong201102-LID1-AHD_2866230_56_0002_0002_1m/Wollongong201102-LID1-AHD_2866230_56_0002_0002_1m.asc', 'MAX' : 1, 'METHOD' : 0, 'MIN' : 0, 'NEW' : 1, 'NODATA' : 0, 'NODATAOPT ' : True, 'OLD' : 0, 'OTHEROPT ' : False, 'OTHERS' : 0, 'RESULT' : 'C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/Temp/processing_26d900214dee49f687501e7910988193/5a1cfd29fdcf4f929dad182a5e637354/RESULT.sdat', 'RETAB' : [None], 'RNEW' : 2, 'ROPERATOR' : 0, 'SOPERATOR' : 0, 'TOPERATOR' : 0 }

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:/PROGRA~1/QGIS3~1.4/apps/qgis-ltr/./python/plugins\processing\algs\saga\", line 286, in processAlgorithm
    s = '{}\t{}\t{}\n'.format(values[i], values[i + 1], values[i + 2])
    IndexError: list index out of range

    Execution failed after 0.04 seconds

    Loading resulting layers

    Algorithm 'Reclassify values' finished

    Edit: Currently learning Display colour levels and stencils in Gimp

    A noob question

    In the Duchess when I do the Pre-Flight Check List as shown in the Duchess manual

    When I switch on the battery and check the fuel gauges for fuel they read empty is this normal

    I'm assuming being a noob that the check is to ensure sufficient quantity exists cause running out of fuel in the sky is bad.

    However the Fuel gauges only seem to work when the engine is operating is this normal

    As soon as I switch off the engines the fuel quantity gauges read zero

    Before engine start, if I switch on the Aux Fuel pumps I get fuel pressure with empty tanks according to fuel quantity gauge until engine start.

    I thought it would be like a car, fuel sensor works without engine running as long as electricity is supplied.

    Or am I making a noob mistake.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.