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    excuse me what? The 732 “not well known”? Are you serious? It was one of the most reliable planes of all time! Everyone knows about the -200.

    You have a good point. Now yes making new aircraft is hard or long while modifying an already available aircraft in the sim can be remodeled to the other variant. (In a nutshell) Jet-Pack said that creating the newer 737 such as the NG and Max would basically be making a brand new plane. The 736, 734, 733, 732, and 731 would be easier to model because they have similar structures. Now the 737-200 would be the easiest as the 737-500 is basically an upgraded 737-200 because it is similar in size and capacity.

    Aircraft such as the A320 or 777 (Not including the A320NEO and 777X) and the would be easy too because they have models that barely have any change accept for length or just slight changes to the power plant and wings or other elements. 747 and 737 would be harder as they would need to re model the multiple models Boeing has made over the couple of decades the variants have been flying.

    Try rebooting your iPad then check storage used. It doesn’t always update straight away.

    admin the storage isn’t a problem. I have plenty space and still at 80% it stops downloading. First time I thought it lost connection to your server but for the second time it was the same (80% and stopped) but this time it said “Thank you for buying HiRes Aerial Images. Enjoy your new region” and now it says “Installed” under it. I’m sorry but this is BS. iPad settings are saying that Aerofly takes only 3.88GB for the app and 3.6GB for the Documents and Data (which is Switzerland).

    In my opinion it was a pain at first. The game kicked me out multiple times. At one point it even said installed but nothing had changed and said buy again. I was able to get it to work by restarting my iPhone and was able to get it to download. When I was able to get it to work it stopped at 80% then finished. I think 80% is when the package installs so it could take some time and may sometimes cause the game to crash.

    Literally all Aerofly 2020 mobile needs left is global.

    They already have mobile on Aerofly Fs2 on PC (I think) The graphics are just so good that it would take up a ton of space. Other Mobile flight simulators that have mobile do not have the best quality.

    Also this could be possible where when you get the game you only have California available but do something similar to XP-11 (Found this out since I know somebody who has XP-11) where you get the game and download the scenery you want to have just to save space. You would just download it in packs like for example (U.S as a download / Europe.)

    That would be a good solution to the mobile version having global. If so I think they should raise the price of the game too or just make some regions cost money like Switzerland. Just as long as they are cheap like Switzerland is. This game has such amazing potential, but this is not ready for mobile because of all the work they need to do.

    The current B737 can't be turned into a B737 NG (next generation) or even MAX without basically redoing the entire aircraft. The wings are completely different, they have a greater wing span, have one more spoiler and have a totally different wing tip (winglet). The cockpit would require a total rebuild - maybe few elements can be kept, e.g. some of the switches in the overhead, etc. but other than that - rip out the entire front panel and glare shield and pedestal. - And that is where most of the time will go into. Rewiring the aircraft systems, setting up the new screens, setting up the animations of the new flaps, slats, spoilers, etc.

    I am fine if you can’t do the 737, but the A320, and 777-300 having multiple variants would be nice because they don’t have much changes accept for some buttons, size, and wings.

    For triple seven just do the 200ER and the Cargo version. We don’t have the 777x experience out yet, so I would not worry about the new 777. Just the older models.

    It would be nice just to see the planes that will be easy to make into other various models because they have almost identical builds. I would just like to fly the 777-200ER / F around. I bet that having the other A320 models too would be great. (including the baby bus AKA A318)

    So if you guys can pull it off with some aircraft like I mentioned above (A320, 777-300) that would be beyond great in my opinion. And a new modern airliner like the E-JetE2 and 787 would be great too. (787-8 is currently my favorite aircraft so would highly appreciate that)

    Thanks for your hard work. Look forward to future updates and hope this concept will be implemented in the future.

    So I had an idea that could be easier than adding a new plane entirely. Some people have suggested this in the past for 737. Could you add multiple variations of airplanes. ( EX: 737- 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 700, ETC or A318, A319, A321. )

    This would be a nice add on as we could still fly the current aircraft but have multiple versions of them.

    What does downloading “high-res aerial photos” actually do? I can’t tell the difference. Switzerland has its textures in higher resolution and I thought it’ll be the case with the US after this in-app download but as I said, I don’t see any difference and the textures in San Francisco or Denver for example look rather bad.

    This has been raised before. I have it installed and don’t notice much of an improvement in all honesty.

    I am trying to download it but once I get to 80% it just kicks me out of the app and have to restart the download. Is this really worth downloading?

    - FS 2 mobile really has a lot of outstanding features, that other mobile sims have not and do not get close to.

    The visual, the A/C quality, the scenery, just to start with:-)

    I have made my purchase and highly agree with you all. This in my opinion may not be closest to those high priced airplanes for PC but this so far is just as good!

    If this game was compared with the other competitive flight sims I would consider Aerofly FS2020 to be the best.

    I would also say that it is nice that the Devs give us the option to download Hi res scenery for free just in case we need to save storage. So, in conclusion I am happy with my purchase and would like to say great job to the Devs for their hard work.

    Ever since Aerofly FS 2020 came out I have been hesitant to buy because of the new things they added.

    I would probably buy as long as they can make all airplanes have a shutdown system. I would also like to see more airplanes. Both Airliners and smaller aircraft.

    Thanks to the Devs for all their hard work. I hope to see more come in the future.

    The new update came out today for me adding Switzerland and some bug fixes. Are any of the planes able to have engines on and off?? What I mean is are the cockpits fully functional?

    Btw Switzerland is $1.99. Excited to try it in the future.

    Luckily The Developers are working on the fully functional cockpits for the airliners. Infinite flight just announced the XCUB with a functional 3D cockpit. Yet the 3D cockpit on the q400 is about as good as a payware q400 for X plane. So... what does that mean?

    A huge thumbs up to IPACS!!! 👍👍😀

    A giant leap for mobile flight simulators. By only making one purchase to buy the game and get everything free while other games you have to buy the planes!

    For now the C172 and R22 have full cold/dark capabilities. More airplanes will follow. Keep in mind however that for a cold/dark procedure on a modern airliner you would need over 20 minutes, so we will likely make a 'shortcut' for this.

    I get why you say 20 minutes for a modern airliner. We should just be able to turn on APU than turn on fuel valves and other things. Than turn the ignition and put the condition up to Idle

    The engine master switches on the a380 are not supposed to be operable yet. I have it there for testing mostly but obviously we usually disable these cut off switches unless they actually work. E.g. in the Cessna and Q400 they should actually work :)

    Thanks for the note! And yes the Q400 and Cessna work. Just flew Q400 from San Diego to Los Angeles. I started cold and it was phenomenal. I even turned on the hud in the cockpit!

    I think that the limited frame rate is a bit annoying. It is now harder to move around the cockpit and all of the moves don't flow and aren't as sharp as in the past. Personally I would like to have the previous frame rate setting back! Thanks.

    Pretty good hypothesis! I am starting to think the same. Or it could be a slight bug. I did say the cutoff worked on A380 it’s just the engines kept running.