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    And especially for airbus: 100,50,40,30,20 RETARD,RETARD,5

    That’s only one of the versions of the GPWS call outs for airbus.

    And obstacle obstacle pull up.

    To low flaps to low gear/landing gear

    Glide slope glide slope

    Approaching minimums


    I also for got to add to the other GPWS callouts:

    Don’t Sink

    Sink rate

    Airspeed low

    Tow low terrain

    Terrain terrain pull up

    Terrain ahead pull up

    Bank angle Bank angle

    Obstacle obstacle pull up

    And for Airbus only callouts....

    Stall stall

    Dual inputs

    Priority right

    Priority left

    My only thing is that when you land and pull the slider beneath the zero mark it disengages the spoilers and deploys them manually and disengages auto brake it would be nice to have the spoilers tied to a separate slider or have them not tied to a slider at all and only to the one in the cockpit.

    I’m loving the new update haven’t got the Switzerland dlc I would’ve gotten right a way but when I click on regions it says you don’t appear to be connected to the internet please check your connection and try again later. Also it would be nice if we could have a few of the cockpit in higher resolution eg: Learjet 45,King air c90, and the A320.

    I can’t even purchase the Switzerland dlc when I click on regions it says you don’t appear to be connected to the internet please check your connection and try again.

    Also I would love to have a Texas,Nevada,Arizona,New Mexico dlc pack so I can fly between my home state and California and any where in between.

    Jet-Pack (IPACS) do you know if the 737s cabin doors work and the air stairs? Thanks for letting us know can’t wait to have a visible RAT, do have a estimate on the next update that’ll include the RAT and the functional engines.Im not sure if this has been dressed but in the 747 the overhead panel seems a bit to far back and the buttons don’t illuminate like they should.Just thought I’d put that out there.

    Keep up the good work this is a awesome sim and I love it.

    I’ve found pretty much everything you can manipulate in the cockpits just by clicking and tapping thing.I have another question, in the a320 if turn off the hydraulic pumps (blue,green,and yellow) but leave the blue on to simulate a hydraulic system, would it be possible to model the a320s manual gear extension?

    I found the forum/topic in the pc section for the click spots of the a320 doors and they mention entering editor mode is that possible in the mobile version?. And here’s the location of the click point in the flight deck 9560-pasted-from-clipboard-png

    Still trying to find the service door on the F/O side of the flight deck.

    I the APU in the A320 works.Do the 737 doors work.

    Would it be possible to add a overlay like in X-Plane 10 mobile where it shows all of the manipulators or a fourth cockpit view that has all of the spots high lighted, or just something that’ll show us where where we can tap and it does something.

    I would love to have ai traffic. If multiplayer was added I think it would be cool to have to different type of servers both with live atc (meaning a actual person was controlling) and that one server would have the pilots and the controllers communicate verbally with his/her voice, and the second server to communicate via text (kinda like how Infinite flight does it).Lastly i think both would allow you to not feel so lonely and have Squawk 7500 to get attention. And it would be cool if those willing to do formation or escort planes to respond to squawk code 7500 etc.

    Please note i do not know much about coding.

    I’ve noticed it on the airbuses but haven’t paid enough attention to Boeing aircraft because I like the a320 because it is similar in size to 737 and the a320 has a glass cockpit were as the 737 doesn’t, if the 737 was a NG or a MAX variant then I would fly it a lot more,but I’ve been have the same issues which copilot and the auto land feature in Dash-8 puts you into a nose dive into the ground.