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    Hello, the developers are aware of this issue:)


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    If you meant this one

    I had the same thought and tried to spawn over mountains and fly to the city. It didn’t crash. Then I tried to fly to the airport from the other side, so the city couldn’t spawn and it crashed.

    I did the same thing. I spawned 20 miles away from the city trying to reach it and it crashed, same thing for the airport.

    Hello jan,

    I tried to spawn in KBKF which is close to the city and yeah i got crashed, look like the issue is from the city not the airport.

    Hello, i’m using iphone 7 IOS 14, after the last update, whenever i spawn in denver airport the game crash, i tried several airports but that happens in denver only


    The beta version is just to see the bugs and when it’s done it will be released for mobile, we waited for 6 months just wait for few weeks plus You have to appreciate the work they do for us.