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    - US sceneries are currently converted to the new format and we are doing some internal testing already. Closed beta testing is planned for next week. Once completed, we intend to offer the western states in an upcoming update as an In-App purchase, but at a low price. The main reason, is that we need to finance the huge amount of data that needs to be downloaded. Keep in mind, storage requirements are further increased by around 4 to 5 extra GB so if you download everyhting for Aerofly FS 2022, you now need over 20 GB of free space on your device.

    Thanks! When you say western states, I'm assuming you mean California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, but not Florida? Are there plans to maintain the 3D cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles and the night lighting at Denver?

    I'm willing to pay more to finally get the U.S. regions. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but the initial $10 for the app with Europe and all aircraft is an insanely good deal. I'm glad to pay more if it means helping the developers add more to Aerofly.

    I assume this is on the ground without copilot active, right?

    In the air with copilot active. I've done a few one-hour flights between airports with the A320 and A380. I had to use the interactive cockpit to adjust heading. The copilot function on the bottom right side of the screen was able to adjust the climb/descent rate (up and down arrows) but not the heading (right and left arrows).

    Did you guys know that IPACS also included Svalbard and another airport? The airport is very remote from the others, and it can’t be seen on the navigation menu. You can still see it in the location menu though. Very good little airport that they added 😃

    The airport does not have scenery though, that means all around it is just dark

    Svalbard has been in FS 2022 since release. Unfortunate that it has no scenery though, I'd love to fly there.

    If this is possible. It makes me wonder why iPads didn’t include them in the first place. Including IOS users like myself.

    If I recall correctly, Jet-Pack (IPACS) said they haven't updated the lighting for U.S. airports. However, to be completely honest, I am absolutely fine with having the U.S. airports back in FS 2022 without the new lighting. They were still great without the updated lighting.

    It was either that or admin said there were memory issues. I assume storage issues specifically?

    Sorry if I'm missing something important here, but is the United States already released for FS 2022?

    There's images of the CRJ-900 and 787-10 in the US:

    Aerofly FS 2022 United Boeing 787 Takeoff from Denver
    Aerofly FS 2022 American Airlines CRJ 900 Landing at Eagle County Airport
    Aerofly FS 2022 Delta Airlines CRJ 900 Landing at Salt Lake City Airport
    Aerofly FS 2022 US Airways CRJ 900 Takeoff from Telluride Airport

    If the US is out for FS 2022, I'm not seeing anywhere to download it. I'm sure many others also miss having the United States. The U.S. liveries for the CRJ-900 are perfect to fly in the regions we had in FS 2021.

    Here's some i can also give:

    Asiana, air new zeland, air Canada (tooth paste colour and new livery) air asia(old and new livery),air india,air malta, aegan, aer lingus, Alaska airlines Cebu Pacific,china Southern,ethiad,eva aie (old and new),finnair,Garuda Indonesia,indigo,Jetstar asia,JetBlue,KLM,lot polish airlines,latam,middle East airlines,peach air(japanese regional airline), philipine airlines,scoot(ex tigerair),smartwings, srilankan airlines,starflyer,swiss air (new livery),vietjet and vistara (Tata sia airlines).

    You can add if i missed out anything ☺️

    KLM doesn't have the A320.

    Swiss' "new livery" A320 would be cool to fly.

    With the introduction of 700 airports in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, etc.), should we be receiving more Airbus A320 liveries for FS 2022 and beyond?

    Currently for Europe, we can realistically fly these liveries within the confirmed upcoming regions:

    Air Berlin, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Edelweiss, Germanwings, Lufthansa (New/Classic), Swiss.

    (TAP Portugal and Aer Lingus' respective countries may not be included)

    That is definitely already a solid variety of liveries, but could we possibly see more A320 liveries added? EasyJet for example is a massive Airbus A320 operator in Europe. SAS Scandinavian Airlines with Denmark. The Lufthansa Group's low-cost subsidiary Eurowings has a handful of Airbus A320s as well.

    Over in the United States, we can realistically only fly American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Northwest Airlines. There are a handful of Airbus A320 operators that could be added, such as Alaska Airlines (strong West Coast presence), United Airlines' new livery (Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles hubs), Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and JetBlue.

    I have nothing against the developers, but does anyone frequently use the Asian A320 liveries? Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air China, China Eastern, ANA, AirAsia, etc. These liveries are beautiful, but it would be nice to see more liveries focused on Europe and the United States as those are what we have to fly in.

    What do you all think?

    I didn't missunderstand they said they are implementing ge sounds so they just marked it as ge variant. Understood why they marked ge in the rr Trent 1000 Engines? If they implement rr trent 1000 sounds then that ge mark won't be there.

    SkylandYT is saying the GE logo shouldn't be on the engine for KLM's 787-10. Look at the real-world KLM 787-10 they posted as a comparison.

    I have two questions.

    1,Why are the blades of the engine clearly visible when the plane is in the air and rotating at high speed? Hasn't your engine rotation simulation been modified yet? Or is it the screenshot software?

    2,What's wrong with this terrain?

    🙏Please, I don't want to see engine blades spinning like a 777. :S

    1. When you pause the flight to go to replay, the blades will freeze in place, making it seem like the engines have turned off. That's currently in FS 2021 for the A320, A380, 777, etc.

    2. I don't think anything's wrong with that terrain. On Google Earth, you can see that area has that shape.

    700 airports in most regions of Europe (including Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, etc.), knowing that there are already 180 in England and 30 in Switzerland (to get an idea, there are currently 500 in the USA).

    Wouldn't it be safe to assume the Netherlands and Belgium are included? It would be a bit strange to have France, Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom but leave a big hole in between them.