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    I agree that we're in need of some sort of update. New liveries, aircraft, downloadable regions, 3D buildings, lights, whatever.

    However, keep in mind Aerofly typically does one major update each year. We're not even halfway through 2021. It's likely you'll need to continue being patient.

    Personally hoping we get some form of a free motion camera that'll allow us to have infinite perspectives both inside and outside of the aircraft. A feature like that would highly likely keep us busy for well over a year. Other than that, still hoping for the Embraer 175 and new A320 liveries, such as JetBlue, Spirit, United, Alaska, etc.

    I'd say Japan or any East Asia region should be a top priority. With Japan, we can more realistically fly other liveries, such as Vietnam, AirAsia, Air China, ANA, China Eastern, and Citilink's A320s, ANA's three A380 liveries, and more.

    The Hawaiian Islands would be great as well. We could do 5-hour flights from the West Coast to Hawaii.

    France would be cool. Right now flying between the UK and Switzerland passes through a large area with unfinished textures.

    Which liveries are you particularly interested in?

    For the A320, we need the United Airlines (2019 livery) and Frontier Airlines to take advantage of Denver in Aerofly FS 2021.

    An Allegiant Air A320 would be amazing to fly exclusive routes out of Phoenix Mesa (AZA), Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more. Allegiant is one of, if not the only carriers serving airports such as Provo (PVU), Ogden (OGD), Stockton (SCK) and more. I feel as if this livery is a must have in Aerofly.

    A Spirit Airlines and Alaska Airlines A320 would also be beneficial to access their vast networks on the West Coast.

    JetBlue A320 and a US Airways A320 livery would be a bonus (Northwest is already in game).

    Additionally, a United Express Q400 would be cool. I believe they operated a handful of regional routes in Denver. And a Q400 with Alaska Airlines' new livery would be great.

    I'm not sure if there's something bugged or if I'm misremembering stuff, but in the latest FS 2021 version Aberdeen Airport is gone?

    When downloading the UK region it even shows Aberdeen available.

    Additionally, in Phoenix, it looks like the downtown 3D buildings are gone? I'm fairly sure they were still there in the first FS 2021 release.

    Hello to anyone reading this. Ever since the EC135 helicopter update, the flight physics of the A320 doesn't feel the same. At first, it felt stiff with little input little outputs, but now it's too sensitive. Yes, I do have my sensitivity set all the way to low. So is there any way that y'all can tweak it a little to make it feel like how it used to?

    Personally, I didn't notice any difference in the EC135 update, but in FS 2021, it feels like the landings are a bit too rough compared to FS 2020. I'm not sure if I'm going crazy though.

    This is regarding 20.21.07:

    Did Aberdeen (ABZ/EGPD) get removed? I'm not seeing it in the map. I'm fairly sure it was in 20.21.05 but now it's not in the latest update.

    In the Regions section of Aerofly FS 2021 where you purchase/download the regions, the U.K. region shows Aberdeen on the map.

    If you're running low on space, I'd recommend deleting 2020.

    I'm pretty sure FS2021 has everything FS2020 had with some new additions. Nothing was removed.

    Actually its only in the UK region specifically at EGCC

    Some of us were having the same issue earlier. If you disable traffic completely you should be able to spawn at Manchester.

    But for other airports that aren't too close to Manchester (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, etc.) you can have traffic on and you should be able to spawn fine.

    Replay's still there.

    On the top right there's a square with 9 smaller squares. Tap it.

    The pause button will show up on the right. That'll let you enter replay mode.

    Crashing the simulator? Where exactly do you start? Did you pick a runway or a parking spot?

    Yes, it's crashing the sim.

    I've tried doing short/long final and takeoff on several locations on Manchester's runways and the parking spots, all are crashing.

    I tried spawning at 35,000 feet above Manchester and it still crashed.

    I've tested the areas surrounding Manchester too. Spawning at Liverpool crashes the sim.