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    HI you two

    in the shortcut of aéroflyfs2 flight simulator and with a right clic on the icone on the desktop there is no( target.) i went to the "explorer" and enter in the search bar the link you provided and windows answer (can't find this link)

    one or two month ago it was easy to find othersvr from the window start menu and applications . Aerofly FS2 flight simulator is still there but when i open the icone there is only (start in mode oculusvr) the mode othersvr has disappeared.

    I think there must be a simple way to switch between normal and vr mode and back without to write a code line.

    Thanks for your help but for the moment i can't access vr on afs2

    I bought the dvd box last year in germany my headset is a htc vive cosmos and my pc is msi artic rtx 2062


    No it is not a steam version it is a DVD box I bought last year in germany. as I told you that in the start windows app menu there is only occulus awailable, but nothing for otherVR. my Head set is a htc vive cosmos. I saw some explanation and links in some posts I tried them but all vere going to occulus.

    IF you have some ideas that could be good for me

    Thanks. Claude

    hello. you say select when starting. when I clic on the icon of aeroflight i go immediately on the first page of afs2 and then clic on start, but i see no possibility to select othervr.

    about two month ago from "application" from the start menu i had two possibility to select; occulus or other vr but now i have only occulus.

    could you help please

    thanks. Claude

    Thanks for your help, today I fly over lowi. but to do that I had to move the map from florida to europe and i was unable to ,see vhere lowi was. so I used lat and lon from lowi to ease me find the airport. I suppose there is a better way to do that..

    I am used for years to fly with x-plane and to find an airport I simply enter the Iata code with 4 digits. so I am a little disappointed with aérofly.

    Regards Claude


    I am used to fly on x-plane and aérofly. If I buy linkbox htc vive which is sold in a package by htc I wonder if i move my head to look ouside the cockpit i wiil realy see what is out side the cockpit. I have this question because the linkbox htc vive has no box laser and no manettes and i don't know if the système could interprète the movement of my head with no laser.

    Thanks for your help


    Bonjour à tous,

    Je pilote sur x-plane depuis plusieurs années avec la x-box 360 aussi bien sur Mac que sur windows.

    Je suis donc tout nouveau sur aérofly. J'ai acheté l'application sur DVD auprès aerosim au salon de friedrichshafen il y à 15 jours

    J'ai affecté les touches que j'utilise habituellement sur x-plane aux mêmes fontions sur aérofly. tout est ok excepté le joystick pour le roulis et le tangage.

    J'ai vérifié les déplacements de ce joystick dans les réglages de l'application et aussi à partir d'une vue externe pour m'assurer qu'un déplacement du joystick pour par exemple tourner à gauche correspondait bien aux déplacement des bons ailerons.

    Le problème est que les déplacements de ce joystick ne font pas varier le cap de l'avion mais la vue que l'on a sur l'extérieur de l'appareil à partir du cockpit. C'est comme si j'avais programmé ce joystick pour me permettre de voir le paysage à ma gauche, à ma droit, en haut ou en bas..

    Je possède trois x-box 360 et le résultat est toujours le même.

    Si vous pouviez me fournir une piste, je vous en remercie d'avance