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    I also noticed a small glitch in the 339. When preforming high g maneuvers, I noticed that the flaps and ailerons have wing flex, but the wing itself doesn't. Definitely a fun little plane though.

    That would be pretty cool to be able to do full shutdowns and startups with other aircraft. Nonetheless, I've still been having plenty of fun with the current aircraft. Would there be a possibility to increase the resolution of some aircraft cockpits? Planes like the king air don't have as clear printings as things like the 747 or a320.

    Hello Jan, thanks for the reply. I am not a real world 747, however, this video here shows a control check on a 747 using the eicas. It's a little hard to see, but at minute 1:25 the captain begins to push forward on the control column, the camera man zooms in on the lower eicas in which the elevators are indicated to be moving down.

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    In this manual (…400_operations_manual.pdf) in chapter 9.10.13 shows surface position indication of the flight controls on the eicas. It states the eicas indicates the surface postition of left and right outboard elevators, meaning if the elevators deflect up, the eicas would indicate upward deflection, and vice versa.

    Before I start I want to say that I'm so happy with this simulator. It is truly impressive what the developers have done to create such a beautiful simulator. Now to the small glitch. In the 747, I have noticed that while preforming a flight controls check using the eicas, the eicas indicates the elevators reversed; when I push down on the yoke, the eicas indicates the elevators deflecting up, and when I pull up on the yoke, it indicates the elevators deflecting down. Like I said, it's a very small glitch, but I would love to see it fixed because its the subtle details that make this simulator amazing.