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    Took about 4 hours with my modest 5 MB/sec connection.

    Guess it depends on country and which Steam server you are connected too?

    Contact Steam support?

    Hi, thanks. I'm in the UK and broadband is pretty good here. I downloaded 300Gb of ortho scenery for X-Plane in around 3.5 hours. I am guessing it is a Steam issue. I think the download speeds are severely capped there. I know it is not down to AFS2 and wasn't suggesting that :o) ...was just wondering if there was a known problem.

    Here are the latest stats from the Steam download page for AFS2 :-

    Commenced: 15:46

    Running time: 6 hours 21 minutes

    Downloaded: 73,1GB / 145.5GB (50.2%)

    So it looks like almost 13 hours download time - insane! Anyway, it will be worth it of course, but a shame to have to wait til the following day to play a game that you start installing at 15:46!


    Yes I know, it's a common and boring title for a thread.

    But seriously, I am in the process of re-downloading and installing AFS2 from STEAM. I am on a lightning fast fibre optic broadband service (confirmed as working at normal speeds) and AFS2 has been downloading for 5 hours, and is at .................. 11% ||

    It's just insane - and was the same the last time I downloaded from STEAM. I don't even have all of the DLC!

    Any known problems, or is a 40+ hour download just "normal" for AFS2 from Steam these days?


    I love the Duchess by Just Flight, but the engine sound hardly changes with any changes to either RPM or Manifold Pressure. Is there a way to edit those sounds in the TMD to make their response more accurate? Alternatively, could the Baron sounds be mapped/ported over to the Duchess?

    - Kenneth

    I literally cannot fly that plane because of that problem. It's a gorgeous model but the total lack of any RPM/pitch change when you move the throttles or prop levers is just a killer.

    Thanks for the reponses folks - I hope my comments about some of the FScloudport airports weren't taken as criticism, or too harshly. It was really just an observation. I've not touched FSCloudport yet (just downloaded the airports from the website) but I will absolutely start looking into it now, and anywhere I can help, yes, I will definitely ask for joint rights and "get stuck in" 8)

    Some of the runways may be off with the ortho but I have to say, it's still amazing that we have all these new worldwide airports in AFS2! I only reinstalled AFS2 two days ago (after a long break) - got a little bored with XP11. I expected just to be tootling around California or Switzerland in the C172 ..... I could not have dreamed that I would be flying from my home airport of Newcastle UK, and over some of the best ortho / cultivation scenery I have seen in any sim!

    Really amazing work guys!

    I think you can just put the wav files into the dr400 folder and convert that.

    The converter doesn't convert the sound files on their own, I think it first wants to convert an aircraft - and if you have no aircraft files in your folder it probably will abort before it even gets to the sounds.

    Thanks Jan.

    As per the tutorial above, I had copied the 3 stated files from the dr400's workshop folder. However, I have just solved the issue. The above tutorial states that only those 3 files need to be copied from the dr400's folder, for the conversion to work. However this did not work for me. But when I coped all files from the dr400's workshop folder (along with the WAV I wanted to convert) and ran the conversion, it worked!

    Thanks again for the prompt help.



    I've read in a number of conversions that sound levels can be adjusted within an aircraft's TMD file. I've looked in the TMD files and can see entries pertaining to the individual sounds. However, I cannot see any values at all, or anything that indicated adjusting a sound's volume.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?

    In this spoiler below, for example, I've copied the data from the A320's TMD file, relating to one of the sounds. Can't see any values relating to sound level?


    I wonder if anyone can help?

    When I follow this tutorial and open my "sound001" folder with the aircraft converter, the conversion shows 0 files and converts instantly - .........and when I check my new resulting "Sound001" folder in the Aircrafts, it is completely empty?

    I have followed all steps; my new audio files are mono, 22Khz WAV files, and I have copied the correct model.tmc, dr400.tgi and dr400.tmd files, from the dr400 folder in the SDK aircraft workshop folder.

    Any clues? I notice this tutorial is 2 years old, does this method not work any more?

    Thanks in advance for any help.



    My first post on this forum for a long time but I had to drop in to say a HUGE thanks for this utterly bafflingly amazing work! I live in the North East of England and have downloaded this area, your Scotland Borders and Northern England Parts 1-4. I can honestly say that (moving traffic aside!) this is the best looking depiction of the area I have seen in any sim! It is stunning! I personally think it is more immersive than Orbx TruEarth GB in XP11.

    Where AFS2 gets it right, and other sims get it wrong, is the scale of buildings alongside the photoscenery. Just a wonderful experience.

    PS.... Thank you to brunnobellic too, for his excellent rendition of EGNT!

    I hope we can get more UK airports of this quality, as many UK airports on FSCloudport have no buildings or runways that are not correctly placed over the ortho runway.