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    Thanks, Jan – I appreciate your note, and I could be wrong, but I think the message I had found was in this Mobile subforum (see message titled “AF2 and nimbus steelseries controller for IOS”, started on September 5th, 2016), and it’s describing the buttons on the Nimbus. That’s why I wonder if these features were in a previous version of Aerofly FS mobile, and not in the 2019 version.

    But I also want to note again the more serious problem that with the Nimbus controller on, there are no overlays present – not even for copilot – and without the copilot interface it’s impossible to access the Copilot or Autopilot functions. That’s a little different from what you mentioned above, so perhaps that is not the intended behavior.

    Again, thank you for your quick response and for your help!



    The overlay for all flight controls is removed from view when you connect a controller as it would only clutter the view, the copilot interface and view menu should still be visible though, maybe you have them set to fade out?

    I’ve been using the Nimbus controller with Aerofly FS 2019 on iPad Pro (2017, 12.9 inch) and on iPad Mini 5, and have noticed the following:

    1.    As noted above, if the program is started after the controller is already turned on, the screen has no overlay – but not even for the copilot and view menus. So I can’t find any way to access the copilot or autopilot menus. Am I missing something?

    2.    As also noted, if the controller is turned on only after the simulation begins, I get all of the overlays. An older note on the forum from September 2016 said that the autopilot can be activated with the ‘A’ button, and navigated with the cross button, but the ‘A’ button doesn’t do anything for me. It also says that “menu” or “Y” will active replay, but they don’t do anything either. I assume that this was for Aerofly FS – have these functions been removed in Aerofly FS 2019? If so, any way to map them to the controller?

    Thanks for your help!