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    Do you have an iMac with 5K display? This is actually the only configuration where one might actually need a bigger font. We will observe further user feedback in the future regarding this and if it's indeed something requested by many users, we will try to increase it.

    But since Aerofly RC is doing all menu rendering itself, it's not an easy task.

    This is my current Imac configuration.


    I have noticed some differences between RC7 and RC8 about the Z management of the objects.

    In RC7 the plane is behind the pole and the fence ( good render )

    In RC8 the plane is behind the fence but in front of the pole !

    ( MacOS version )

    Big surprise, when I start RC8 yesterday, the mac interface ( menus popup etc ) are very small compared to the version 7.

    The plane choice menu is so small that I have difficulties to see the planes.

    Is there some way to set the size of the user interface on Imac ?