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    Given that you are the most demonstrative and complete flight simulator for mobile devices, I would like to offer you some suggestions with modesty.

    Yesterday I flew with the A320 from KSAN to KDEN.

    I set the route reporting the SID and STAR procedures taken directly from the CHART: SID, TRANSITION ROUTE, ARRIVAL ROUTE, STAR. Many WAYPOINTS are not present in the simulator and I had to go and add them manually trying to be as precise as possible. Question: is it possible to implement the insertion of WAYPOINTS in the simulator using geographic coordinates and maybe even rename them? In this way it would be much easier to identify the exact point. It would also be very useful if the real SIDs and STARs with related TRANSITIONs were already inserted in the simulator and choose them according to needs via FMC, or MCDU, or from the NAVIGATION map.

    Finally, before I could land at KDEN my A320 i ran out of FUEL but continued to fly quietly, (obviously not very realistic!). Another question: in the future could we have the possibility of being able to choose the quantity of FUEL to be loaded on the plane?

    Ahh, I forgot: when you land it would be nice to feel the "backlash" of the wheels that touch the runway. At present it is too "soft".

    Excuse me but I am a very meticulous PPL pilots and I like to see "my simulator" grow and become more and more realistic.



    You guys did a great job with the B777. I hope that in the future some BUGs will be corrected, for example when you set the QNH to a different value it will not change the altitude of the run way or by activating the wiper button you will not see any effect. I also hope that the FMC has improved, for example by opening the LEGS page the WAYPOINTS are not shown. Well ... I hope you can use it fully like the A320. Thanks anyway. You are the best.