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    It is addictive!

    Would be more addictive to me if you could take other sources than bing and google. The quality for the areas i'ld like to have is not good.

    British columbia




    New Zealand

    Clouds, color changes, seasonal changes, overexposing is all there. not really usable

    swiss ortho are best from swiss gov. freely available with a little almost invisible watermark. would be great if this would be in aeroscenery too. o4xp does have it.


    Tu retouches bien les dalles stitched ?

    Combien de RAM as-tu ?

    Pour mon cas : 40 Go et dans le settings d'aeroscenery j'ai mis : Max tiles 64x64.

    Pour une taille 9, cela fait une 20aine de dalles.

    Yes, you have to retouch the stiched file

    First step

    • Download
    • Stitch
    • Create TMC files

    Second step

    • Retouche stiched files

    Third step

    • Run geoconvert

    I open up a thread for all F18 enhancement request. You may want to bundle it in there ;)


    I was thinking of flying the R22 in Everest region with less fuel an gain more lift. Hie can i remove fuel from the almost full tank?

    It's not BS that you should blame Sasa for this: you should blame IPACS because IPACS installs that folder into the Documents folder and apparently wants add ons to be installed into it. That everyone should stick to M$ design I fully agree with. And also that you should have a choice. All I was saying is that you can't blame Sasa for following IPACS guidelines. ;)

    I did not blame Sascha directly. I said "the devs" and it was very much referring to any developer, including IPACS ;)

    You can't blame this on the developer of Lukla: this is how IPACS has designed it! JustFlight also installs its plane into that folder. So this is how it should be, at least according to IPACS. So Sasa did everything by the book.

    Thats BS, sorry. They are using the windows standard document storage as their addon repository. Thats not by the book. And a few other vendors did this too. Microsoft deliberately designed a folder structure for this. This is what you have to follow by the book.

    \%USERPROFILE%\AppData, this is where worst case, user bound program data goes. ORBX does install there, their program data. This is by the book.

    \%USERPROFILE%\Documents\ this is where user documents shall end up. This folder is synced with the cloud in a lot of cases, same for pictures, same for videos. Config files, OK, Logs OK. This should never contain program data.

    There were some hefty discussions with certain other sim vendors that all of a sudden pushed to install there. Meanwhile this has ended up with changing the installers and leaving the config files there. And this saves storage on the user profile drives, keeps cloud sync rate low and does not mismatch locations.

    IPACS or whoever, should stick to M$ design. Thats a very fundamental thing. Another fundamental thing is that the installer shall have a choice on where to install. This is not just related to AFS but to all. Not everyone has a C drive with all on it. Some do have more than one drive!

    If you move your installation manually it could break any future update program for that scenery. So before updating you should probably move it back.

    Jan. Never. I am not spending 8GB of my One drive for the sake of a wrong configured installer. No program, addon ever has to go in my Documents. Thats bad habit of devs to store program code there.

    My Documents of for documents and not for program code. My Documents is synced. I am responsible for 90'000 employees. Hell no, i do not want anyone to store program code in my documents. Imagine what I would need to purchase for storage if this happens ...

    Fix the installer to choose the appropriate path outside of My Documents