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    AF2 must also survive against its competitors. All other established flight simulators support motion platforms, but in the basic version also have no noble weather, no realistic ATC, this is only possible together with realistic AI anyway and therefore very complex. It may be that only a few simmers have a platform, but a VR goggles on a fixed seat never brings the maximum possible realism. And i think this must be the goal.

    Aerofly is by far the best flight simulator, but not finished yet. I tried to fly from LSZB to LSZA with a flight plan. The flight path is well chosen, but the altitude is deadly, because it collides with the terrain several times and leads through uncontrolled airspace. If the automatic flight planner does not set a sufficient altitude itself, you should at least be able to manually enter a suitable altitude for each waypoint. Or do I see something wrong here?