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    Well Jeroen,

    There is always room for more review writers.

    That's not my talent. ^^ It is yours, I have to say (in all honesty!), because you always add a lot of interesting information to your reviews and they always are a very nice read! Unfortunaly your recent conclusions (when it comes to AFS2 addons), so the actual REVIEW parts, are way off imho... ;)

    You can’t seem to find any happiness here.

    I really want to find happiness here but it just doesn't happen...

    Anyway, if everyone has some complaints about this addon and some won't even buy it (while there already is so little to buy for AFS2) it simply is impossible to call it totally outstanding and give it a 5 star rating. That's just odd, to put it mildly.

    If this would be a 5 star product (out of 5, I suppose) how much stars would any Orbx addon get...? You can't seriously compare this addon to Orbx and so it is beyond me how you can give this 5 stars. What a biased and subjective review this is.

    Ah well, to each his own. Maybe it's time to leave the AFS2 community.

    Just curious. So far nothing can beat Orbx's TE Netherlands when it comes to accurate placement of objects (those trees!!!) but since Orbx has left the building perhaps IPACS can surprise us with something of similar quality? I know quite a few people like the various freeware sceneries (and the available payware that looks like freeware...) but my standards seem to be a bit higher than average. ;) South Florida looked promising and I was hoping IPACS would continue from there and improve on that.

    Beware of the Simmarket stuff though: it's usually incomplete and almost all available freeware has a way higher quality! Imho most of that Simmarket stuff should be forbidden.

    1. No but it would be foolish to not do a mobile version if the simulator can scale down to the performance of a mobile device.

    2. There will be a next desktop version at some point, yes

    3. Because of the work on mobile aerofly is running very efficiently on desktop. Without the optimizations that went into the mobile version we probably wouldn't have VR support or have framerates in the 200s. Development on the iOS version and desktop go hand in hand. There is virtually no difference between the aircraft systems and all development done there benefits both platforms at the same time.

    1. Agreed.

    2. Hm...

    3. Understood.

    Hmm, so this is going to be a new release as opposed to an update with the 777? I'm assuming all aircraft will be included in the initial purchase like last year?

    Makes you wonder:

    1. if the mobile platform has become the main platform

    2. if there will ever be a AFS3

    3. if AFS2 would have been far more advanced if IPACS hadn't been working on all these other versions (mobile dvd, Mac)

    1. Whenever you click on register in the AFS2RCATC tool you see a code at the top of the window that pops up. That code is based on your current soft- and hardware. It should be the same every time. I suspect that in your case the code is different every time you start the AFS2RCATC tool and click on register and hence your copy will not register properly because the code you received doesn't match with your current code at the top of that window. A friend of mine has the same problem and so far it hasn't been solved (after sending a few mails to support), even not with a newer version of the installer. You might give that new installer a try (simply re-download the installer from the site but it could be you already have that new installer): if the code still changes every time you are out of luck. In that case just wait for IPACS own ATC solution. ;)

    2. The dll needs to be registered manually. Check for instance this AVSIM-topic:…13-and-unregistered-dlls/

    Take note: where he says regsvr32 /u msstdfmt.dll forget that /u and only type regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll otherwise it still won't work!

    My advice: first see if you can get AFS2ATCRC registered: if not, don't bother with that DLL because it won't solve your licensing problems.

    I gave it up because the installation was too complicated and too time-consuming for me. I get a big neck when Radar Control only FS X and FS2004 is listed and no FS2. What shoud that?!

    Yes, the setup is a PITA. You should read the AFS2RCATC though: it explains how to get around the problem with the missing FSX folders. However, after installing you'll get all kinds of other problems...

    I use simbrief for my flightplans, and export them as an fsx flightplan. Open this file with radar contact and go fly. No need to do anything in FS2 flight planner

    Well, at least the simbrief flightplan does look good in RC! However, when I click on Start RC I get a message saying

    IPC request contains bad data

    And btw I registerd AFS2RCATC with the key I received by e-mail (which on its own is so nineties already...) but in the sim I still see a message the copy is not licensed...?!?

    Geez, seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I've been simming since the eighties but this is one of the worst add ons to get working. X(

    I am getting the impression that somehow only the beta testers have this add on working (maybe they didn't have to register?). This really isn't an add on for the regular AFS2 user, that's for sure.