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    There is a problem with the FLP page of the GNS. I posted about this before on July the 22nd to which Jet-Pack replied "Both of these things are probably mistakes on our side (IPACS)" and "The GPS is also created by IPACS, I'll write it down and will check once I have time to do that" but apparently something went wrong because today Jan posted "I'm not aware of any issues with the flight plan page... please open a separate thread". That can happen. ;) So here's the separate thread! Let me simply repost what I said on July the 22nd:

    "What I wanted to say is that the FPL page on the GNS is erratic. Afaik. From what I remember the DTK should show the DTK from one waypoint to the next. However, the DTK is constanly being updated and always shows the track to any waypoint from your current position. I think that's totally wrong. It should show the same tracks as the Navigation page of AFS2 shows and the DTK shouldn't be changing all the time. I can't for instance set the next course already when I am closing in on a waypoint because you don't see the DTK but the current track. In short: the FPL DTK column is useless as it is now. I have to go to the Navigation page to see what the DTK for the desired waypoint should be. That's odd."

    In short: the FLP page should show the 'static' flightplan as you can see it on the Navigation page with the planned directions. Instead it shows directions depending on your current location: it changes all the time. It shouldn't.

    Looks nice! But I already have the Arrow which imho is more interesting. I know some people like to have a hangar with as much airplanes as possible but I personally don't have need for a lot of similar airplanes. It's good to see Just Flight releasing more and more planes though! Hopefully they will also release something completely different someday.

    You might want to have a look to the Gallery.

    The Gallery isn't the forum and it doesn't tell me that you can download this scenery and where from. I see the link on your sig now though. Anyway, I do think this scenery deserved a topic of its own!

    I own the Duchess and Arrow and always have to trim them up quite a lot before take off, specially because they otherwise tend to dive down after take off. Both planes are also very twitchy and hard to control directly after take off and also a bit during landing. A lot more like for instance the default C172. I find it quite hard to fly them manually all the time and usually use the AP as much as I can in order to enjoy the flight.

    I have mine installed as follows:

    Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator, scenery, places, Norway Cultivation IZ0JUB 2019

    You will have to delete the Hartman cultivation files/folders leaving ONLY the photo scenery 4 tiles.

    Er... is that in the Document folder or in the AFS2 folder itself...? I placed your files where I had Hartman's files (in the document folder and then addons) but that resulted in no cultivation at all. This entire folder structure is quite confusing... (Add-on scenery structure). This is my first go at adding freeware scenery manually and it's a bit frustrating. ;)


    Got working! Removed everything from the places folder in my Norway folder and simply put your entire download in it. Works like a charm! And looks great! Thanks for all your work on this! :)

    I'm confused again. I am trying to create a addon folder specifically for Hartman's Lofoten.

    I created the folder Documents > Aerofly FS 2 > addons > Norway

    In that folder there are three folders: 'elevation', 'images' and 'places'

    In 'elevation' I put all the Winther mesh files: no problem there.

    In 'images' there is a folder called 'no' and in it are 4 folders, one for each part of the scenery ('09_lofoten_map_09_8980_c300', '10_lofoten_map_09_8980_c280', '11_lofoten_map_09_8a00_c300' and '12_lofoten_map_09_8a00_c280').

    Q: is that folder 'no' really needed or could I as well put those 4 folders straight into 'images'?

    Q: or to take it even further: could I just as well put all files within those 4 folders straight into the 'images' folder?

    In 'places' I have a folder called 'fscloudport' and 'no'. In 'fscloudport' there is yet another folder called 'no' and within that one there are folders for 'enlk' and 'ensh'.

    Q: are the subfolders 'fscloudport' and 'no' really needed or could I just as well put 'enlk' and 'ensh' straight into 'places'?

    In 'no' (the one directly in 'places') there is a folder called 10_lofoten: in that folder there is a folder called 'building_textures', one tsc file and two toc files.

    Q: I downloaded cultivation from IZ0JUB and have no clue where to put his tsc and toc file... Straight into 'places'? Or in that 'no' folder'? Should I keep or remove the other tsc and toc files?

    IN SHORT: it's totally unclear to me what parts of the folder structure are mandatory and what parts aren't...

    Here is the latest cultivation hot off the press I made using "ScenProc" courtesy of Arno and the latest version 7 script courtesy of "crispy136".

    It covers all 4 of the scenery tiles already uploaded courtesy of "Hartman".

    Nice! However, how do I install all this...? I compared your files with what I've got so far from Hartman and noticed that all the files for both airports are the same and well as everything inside the folder 'building_textures'. So... all I need to install are the two files 'map.tsc' and 'map_cultivation.toc'...? My addon Norway folder already contains three files from Hartman: 'cult_leknes.tsc', 'leknes_building.toc' and 'leknes_tree.toc'. Should I remove or keep those files...? And should I put both your files in the same folder...? I am getting various files in various folders and it is getting cofusing again... ;)

    Nice! Looking great! Awesome textures: even at 1500 to 2000 ft they look pretty real and you can see every rock along the shore! Just flew from ENLK to ENSH (nice distance for my kind of flying) and it was awesome! Thanks!

    Only pity: no cultivation in these new parts... Are you planning on adding that later on? Would be cool! The textures on their own are great already but I do miss the cultivation, specially when flying low.

    Anyway, keep them coming! :)

    I decided to compare the freeware Norway mesh from Winther (10 m) and Taburet (19 m) around the (awesome) Lofoten freeware from Hartman. In my opinion the Winther mesh is the winner although the differences aren't as big as you might expect. When simply flying around you may hardly notice the difference but when you look closely Winther's mesh clearly has more detail.

    Winther 1

    Taburet 1

    Winther 2

    Taburet 2

    Winther 3

    Taburet 3

    Thanks for your posts, Antoine: I used your method to install some Norwegian scenery in a more clean way: I had to put various files in various subfolders first but now I can put everything for Norway in one addon folder and it works like a charm!

    Ich bin mit dem Flugplaner sehr zufrieden, man kann doch auf der Map einfach den Start und das Ziel wählen

    Ask a newbie to take off from, let's say, KEGE, Eagle County Regional Airport, and he won't have a clue where it is on the map. Or ask a newbie to autoland his Airbus on LOWI, Innsbruck, and he will crash into a mountain. The flightplanner is simple to use indeed but it is a bit too simple... ;)

    Google Translate:

    Bitten Sie einen Neuling, vom Regionalflughafen Eagle County in KEGE abzuheben, und er wird keine Ahnung haben, wo es sich auf der Karte befindet. Oder fragen Sie einen Neuling, ob er seinen Airbus auf LOWI, Innsbruck, autolandet. Er stößt dann gegen einen Berg. Der Flugplaner ist zwar einfach zu bedienen, aber etwas zu einfach... ;)

    The lack of scenery isn't a real problem. The lack of features like weather and AI/ATC is. There is a fair amount of scenery to fly over already. Of course I'd also love to see the entire world (or at least Norway ;) ) done but at least we have a lot of places to fly from and to. There also are quite a few planes available already (though in greatly varying quality). What AFS2 really needs is weather and AI/ATC (and related things like a good flight planner, etc.).

    Google Translate:
    Der Mangel an Kulisse ist kein wirkliches Problem. Das Fehlen von Features wie Wetter und AI / ATC ist. Es gibt schon eine ganze Menge Landschaften, über die man fliegen kann. Natürlich würde ich auch gerne die ganze Welt (oder zumindest Norwegen ;) ) sehen, aber zumindest haben wir viele Orte, von denen aus und zu denen wir fliegen können. Es gibt auch schon einige Flugzeuge (allerdings in sehr unterschiedlicher Qualität). Was AFS2 wirklich braucht, sind Wetter und AI / ATC (und verwandte Dinge wie ein guter Flugplaner usw.).