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    I am enjoying RC 8 on my iMac - lovely graphics and physics. I have been using an Interlink controller but would now like to use my Taranis.

    I have it connected ok but I don't understand how to configure my usual Tx flaps switch to operate flaps in RC 8.

    I had one attempt but have forgotten where I got to!

    I'd be very grateful if someone would point me at a "how to" - I just want to operate gear and flaps (well, plus TAER !) from the tx.


    SW Florida:)

    Nope - still stuck!

    I've gone into my radio and set up a model that has a switch mapped to Channel 5. I go into RC 8 and try to set this up on a controller. Scan for and find it. Re-configure - Operating the switch turns Button 12 blue and moves Y rotation. Now I'm not sure where to go - is there a model that has flaps that I can map my switch to? I click on the flaps bar and operating the switch moves it so I am getting somewhere I think.

    Any hints very welcome!

    SW Florida

    I've just loaded up RC 8 on my iMac Pro, plugged in an old RF4 Futaba Interlink Elite USB wired controller and have basic stick functions. So far, it is excellent in graphics, performance and realism/physics feel (to me anyway)

    I am now delving a little deeper into Controller configuration with a view to using my Taranis X9D models. I wonder if anyone has managed to take an existing FR Sky transmitter model setup and translate to RC 8 so that mixes, switches and knobs are simulated.

    (I was thinking mainly about a full house F5J simulated/translated by/to one of the RC 8 models)

    The Taranis works just fine with a regular USB cord but I have ordered a FR Sky wireless dongle too.

    Final question, is it possible to have multiple controllers setup and switchable to in RC 8.

    I hope I'll be able to answer some of the above myself when I have had more time on RC 8.