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    This is largely due to the fact that the Acer Nitro 5 gets very hot. I almost bought this model, but I had a lot of problems and a slightly more expensive superior notebook from another brand appeared and it is running super well in VULKAN Ultra Settings Full HD soon I will test in 4K for sure that it will run at 60-120 FPS.

    What’s your specs? I’m buying a new pc in a year or so with a RTX2070 Super, i7 10th gen 3.60 to 5.00GHz! Also 16gb ram but probably going to get more like 32. What is my fps going to be with this new system in Aerofly FS2020 pc?

    If any of you are possibly needing a new laptop for household use but want to consider spending just a little more ($300 or so) to be able to run Aerofly FS2 on it with an HP Reverb (G1 or G2) or equivalent VR HMD, it actually works well! I bought the Dell G5 SE 5505 which is all AMD (4800H CPU and 5600M GPU with Display Port 1.4 ) for $899USD and there are several otherlaptops to choose from at that price from HP or Acer - maybe others. Some are the usual Intel / Nvidia and some are mixed. I have a 9700K+RTX2070 as well for more challenging VR applications but FS2 really looks fine at 45fps with SteamVR reprojection. Using a laptop instead of a desktop gives you freedom of location - perhaps to a bigger room like for me - the family room. Just take the headset and a joystick and off you go!

    Just a little recommendation... Do not make the same mistake as I did! Two years ago I bought the Acer Nitro 5 for 1000$. It’s not much but the thing is that it’s stuttering like I smashed it. I’m saving up for a gaming desktop since the acer nitro 5 sucks. I’m aiming at getting the 2070 Super paired with a AMD Ryzen 7 and 16gb ram.

    I want to be 100% sure that I can run Aerofly FS2020 smoothly without any problems like my Acer nitro 5 that the CPU goes down to 9% which gets my fps drop to 17.

    I really hope the new computer I’m saving up to is worth it. (Half way there)

    LOL Kryptonite😂😂 You made my day! I never though there will be a sentence like that on any flight simulation forum😀👍 Thank you!

    In general something changed.

    I remember that after the Aerofly FS2020 release on ipad, my ipad got to 30 instead of 60FPS. It’s strange because it’s not just in the FS2020 version but also in 2019 and the FS 2 sim that my fps is awfully bad. I hope it gets better.

    If anyone have suggestions for settings I could try, then that will be very helpful!

    I agree with higgy that sounds are very important to not this but all simulators out there. But we need a update that is focused on making all sounds better and what i mean by that is MUCH BETTER! Because I don’t feel like I’m flying a Airbus A320 if there is just sounds like those right now that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Please make something real like battery gyro sounds and other things like simulated cold and dark on all aircraft and after that then make a update for the sound or add new aircraft such as the Boeing 757 it’s not that difficult because you developers could copy some of the systems and the cockpit from Flight Factor? Don’t know but having a 757/767 would be nice! I feel like the aircraft selection is too small in a way because I’m on mobile and not PC so it would also be nice with maybe updated graphics because I cannot read anything on the Airbus A320 and especially the Learjet 45 should definitely be updated in terms of graphics. I really don’t want to press anything because i can’t read it.

    I have been using X-Plane 11 since it came out and i must say that Aerofly is really good! I’m 15 and i began to love aviation two years ago and now i have flown a Piper PA28 Arrow when i was 13! That was because of Aerofly and X-Plane 11 so flightsimulators really help if you want to get to fly. I love in Danmark and here it’s pretty easy to get flying. I always ask if it’s possible to visit the cockpit after landing and its a fantastic experience to talk to boing pilots when you travel and have a mind of aviation. I really recommend that next time you guys travel then ask the flight attendants if it’s possible to get a cockpit visit. Personally i asked a real boeing 737-800 pilot if he knows X-Plane 11 and he said “Yes Its a great flight simulator because you can learn from it. I play it every day” I the pilot i asked was the only one who knows x plane out of all my vacations! I travel at least 8 times per year and when i get into those cockpits then my life is getting so much better and i learn so much!