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    What he is saying is that Aerofly is showing this error message because it has no access to the internet. That means the access is blocked by either a firewall, the anti-virus software, the router configuration or something else.

    It is much easier for us to update the Steam version for us than it is to update the download or DVD versions that are available through Aerosoft. Steam was the first platform that Aerofly launched on and the majority of users use that platform, that's why it is updated first. The DVD version was only added much later and because of the much more lengthy update process going through multiple instances we only update that version when the Steam version shows no more issues. That is why we don't update it first and why are are hesitant to publish an update right away. If that update isn't working 100% you would have to repeat the entire process all over again and Aerosoft would probably not be happy to constantly update their files until we get it just right.

    Also he said "considering updating next week" what that means is: "yes we want to update it, maybe already next week". He is not saying "we're only considering updating but we're not sure yet", you may have misinterpreted that.

    Okay! Loud and clear, my fault, sorry. Now I understand why, and I will wait without comments. Thanks for your answer! :thumbup:

    We will consider updating the DVD version next week and will also look into the issue you mentioned. Aerofly FS 2 will need internet access for the update check to work.

    "Aerofly FS 2 will need internet access for the update check to work." Wow! Is it really necessary to write this?

    I have also the DVD version. I find a very strange that a Steam account got newer content than a bought retail/download version via Aerosoft.

    It should be the other way around or at the same time! Now I am reading things like "those channels take longer to update" and your answer "We will CONSIDER updating the DVD version ..." Wow! :(