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    My iPad may be old, but the 2020, and 2021 still work great. I can see airport vehicles, complete buildings, and grounded aircraft. My older versions are still working great. I did the latest download, I believe it’s now 17.1.1, but most of the airports are framed buildings, and invisible planes, and I keep running into them. Does anyone know what the issue is? Or is my iPad the problem? I am stumped.

    I used to love to go to Switzerland because it was very green, color wise. Since the update the same thing has happened to the planes/aircraft as Switzerland.. it’s like they have been faded, or white washed….if that makes sense. The last thing is the buildings. I tried to download a picture to show but it says Meg is too big. Anyway what they look like is a framed building that is to say just the exterior lines. They are basically see through. As well as aircraft and the gates. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game , just a couple things I’ve noticed.


    I was actually talking about Washington/spokane Oregon……but I just noticed this at the very last helipad at the tip of Florida……there is a swimming walrus. Go to the beach right next to helipad and you’ll see him, or her……..

    Ok I know their not called walruses, but down beyond key west, at the last helipad there is a castle that has mantatie/walruses swimming on the iPad version, I landed the small helicopter on the sand right next to the pad where people are sitting on the sand, and one of the walruses started swimming around me……..

    Thank you so much for getting it up and running again…. Just a few things. The planes are a little white washed in appearance, some fields like Moffit in SF, and in Spokane WA you can see the exterior lines on the buildings, but you can’t see the building itself. I haven’t been anywhere else yet. I’ve noticed so,e new airports that weren’t. There before. But in general Thanks !!!


    Europe is amazing!!!

    To Jan, no I don’t get to the menu at all, it just says “Initializing” , then the screen goes black…..I don’t get to main screen. So I’m gonna try the uninstall, and reinstall………Cross your fingers for me.

    Ok, I’m on a iPad, not computer. But ok I’ll give it a shot. I hope your right…….Thank you for your input!!!

    Truly appreciate it.

    Happy flying,


    I’m confused why the game stopped working on the 8th of November when a bug update was done. I’ve done everything short of deleting off iPad and reinstalling it. I’m afraid if I delete it it will make me repay the $20 some dollars I had to pay. Is anyone else having issues???

    I’ve been asking for help since the 8th, did you try to delete and re-install??? I’m afraid to, since I haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone, and no one has answered my questions about reimbursement or whether or not they have gotten anywhere with the issue.

    Hi, I’m having the same issue, initializing (loading thing is not spinning), then crashes. I’m on IOS 15.3.1 on an iPad 6th gen (2018). Thanks for your quick responses and have a nice weekend!

    Anybody who has issues with the latest FS 2023 version, please tell us your exact model name and iOS version.

    Has anyone got there game up and running yet?

    Hi everybody, I hope you’re fine.

    I am having same issue using an iPad. At the start up of the game it begins with the blue initializing screen, then 2 seconds later the app crashes and goes back to Home Screen. But the game works on iPhone SE 2. It began around 2 days ago further to an aerofly update and also further to an iOS update. Please help as it is now impossible to play this wonderful simulator

    I am using an iPad 9,7" 6th génération (2018) with IOS 17.1.1

    Please try rebooting the device.

    If the issue still persists, please explain in more detail where the app crashes. Do you reach the main menu at all? If so, does it crash when entering the simulation?

    No I don’t reach the menu at all. It has worked since I bought it when it came out. When they did the last “Bug Fix” on 11-8-2023. I am afraid to uninstall it. It was somewhere around $30. With all the regions and planes.

    It is 17.1.1 iOS iPad apple, it has worked up until the last “bug Fix” on the App Store it says that this iPad is compatible, and it has been compatible up until November 8th 2023……. I remember something similar happened when the game was first purchased. I was given a TestFlight code for “Beta Testing” and I’m not sure if the problem was rectified or if simply getting on through Beta fixed the issue. I’m a little afraid to uninstall it and install it again. It was expensive……. I quess that’s my last thing to do though. I’ve restarted, I’ve updated my iPad. I did the upgrade after I found that it didn’t work. Not before, do you know what I mean. I tried to play the morning of the 8th, it didn’t work (goes to initializing and then the screen turns black). I then updated my iPad, the game still didn’t work, I’ve restarted about 10 times, maybe more. I’m at a loss. Mike Mark keeps closing my tickets, but the problem still persist. Should I reinstall? If it cost anything will I be reimbursed??? I’ll wait for a response before I uninstall…….

    Seems to be an issue with the Apple A10 chip, since it’s happenig to iPhone 7 and iPad 6th gen

    But it’s worked for a long time, it only stopped on the last bug fix on the 8th of November 2023, 4 days ago….

    I’m having the same issue……. Won’t go past “Initializing”???

    Is anyone having issues turning game on in iPad? Everything was working fine until the 8th of November, 2023. I now am having issues turning game on. It starts up by “Initializing” then the screen goes black. It has been working fine for the last year……..I’m at a lose.