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    To expand on this rather brief reply:

    1. In Settings go to

    2. Graphics Settings and Make a note of the current resolution (saves some grief if you make a mistake later)

    3. Click on the left arrow until Window Mode appears.

    4. Return to sim.

    Running in Windows Mode is a revelation. It is really amazing and really shows AeroFly to good effect.

    At one time you said there would be carriers (Nimitz and Hornet) in the planned Hawaii scenery. Will they be fully equipped? i.e arrester wires (cross deck pendants), Optical landing system and launch catapults?

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    I have searched the forums and see a reference to Windows Mode. This says go to Settings/Graphics and select Windows Mode (WM). i have done this but don't see WM.

    I do see Resolution (2560 x 1600) / Limit frame rate 120fps / Lens flare effect on / 3D graphics Vulkan High quality aliasing on but no reference to WM

    How can I run Windows Mode. please?

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I am using Win 10 but have downloaded AF from the internet (i.e not using Steam) . My copy of the AF program is on my X drive but I have found the F12 screen grab in C:\Users\My name\Documents\Aerofly FS2\Screenshots with a horribly long file name.

    Can I suggest you put this in part of a Wiki file to help others?



    Thank you for this. Your F-18 is a lot better and more "user friendly" than DCS's.

    It is a shame such a good HUD is only used in the F-18, it would be really good in another aircraft as well (such as a T-45 Goshawk). If it were used elsewhere then the hard work and time used would be well worth it. Just a thought.



    Thank you for your reply. Please see the attached screen grab:

    For info, I am on approach to LAX RWY 06R with the TCN set to 113.60 the LAX VOR

    My questions are:

    1. What is the small arrow?

    2. What is the big arrow?

    3. 8 / Number, this changes but I cannot understand why.

    4. What is the diamond for?

    5. What does TGT mean?

    Finally I can see that to make a screen grab I should use F12 which I did, but I cannot find it in my hard drive so I have used FRAPS, Snipping Tool and Paint.

    This plane is very enjoyable to fly and the HUD is very clear and easy to read, Thank you.


    I am trying to understand the HUD in the F-19. If I am at KLAX with the ILS tuned to 109.90 I see ILAX and a distance in the HUD. But when I fly a circuit I suddenly see this change to IMKZ and a different distance. Also, there is a green arrow which seems to have a mind of its own, it seems to point to anything but I cannot find which radio nav aid seems to control it.

    I have a Saitek radio panel which tunes the NAV1 very nicely but the NAV2 switch has no effect on the green arrow. At one point I thought it could be used as a VOR but that didn't work.

    Also, I have tried to land at KLAS and KLSV but although I have the ILS tuned (the ILS bars show in the HUD) the distance to the airfield does not show. Is there a way to make the distance show, please? The distances do not show in the C-172 display either.

    The detail in the scenery is truly marvellous and the display in the HUD of the ILS bars and E caret is really good, can the lack of distance display be corrected?

    Thank you

    Jetjockey 10 That's a pity. Is it straightforward to copy the F-18 HUD and paste it into another plane? I used to copy the F-18 HUD in FSX into the FSX default Cessna. I wonder if it can be done in Aerofly?

    I already have the Hawk in XP11; I would buy the Aerofly version if it were "navalised". But, no point buying a new aircraft just for the paint.


    Being a naval aircraft the T-45 has a "navy" HUD with E-bracket and AoA indexer (as modelled in Dino Cattaneo's T-45 for FSX). Will the AeroFly GosHawk have a "navy" HUD, please? The JF Hawk for X-Plane has a HUD but it is really only a bomb sight since this Hawk is not for carrier training.

    I have checked the JF website, they are advertising the Aerofly Hawk, and asking people to register an interest, but it seems to be a port of the existing land based version.

    An AeroFly T-45 Goshawk would be really good.

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    This US Navy Goshawk (a Hawk made under license by Boeing for the USN) is really interesting. I have the JF Hawk for X-Plane and miss the Goshawk since it has speed brakes at the side as it is a carrier landing trainer. Together with the Hornet near Cape Canaveral this will be a real plus for Aerofly.

    Thank you, Jetjockey 10


    Thank you for doing this.

    I am still seeing a heliport symbol in Locations

    However, I don't seem to be bounced up to 5,000' as before so it looks as if you have sorted the problem out. The trouble is I am not that a good a pilot so I am having to learn how to land safely. All I have to do now is practice. In reality, before an Aviator is allowed to fly out to "The Boat" he must complete +/- 1,000 Field Carrier Landing Practice landings at NAS El Centro or NAS Oceana.

    But if you want proof that a hook is not obligatory have a look at "Look Ma, No Hook"

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    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your reply. I have made a manual search of C\Documents, all I could find was a folder Hornet-Heli. I have copied this as Hornet-Heli01

    I then searched using Hornet* This is Hornet-Heli02

    I could not find a Hornet file anywhere.

    I have AeroFly on my X drive so I have searched both X\AeroFly FS2 and X\AeroFly FS2 Flying Simulator AddOns but there was nothing there.



    According to TomSimMuc post (#4) the Location page shows the Hornet as a runway. But according to my Location page the Hornet is a heliport. The height of the Cessna is +/- 5,000' which probably explains why it jumps up to 5,000' when the nose wheel touches the deck.

    I have deleted the original download file and downloaded a new copy but with the same "bouncing" effect. How can I make my Cessna stay on the Hornet's deck, please?

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    I have tried to land using a newly downloaded file. Still cannot land. I have noticed that in the screen shots you have shown the Hornet is shown as an airport / runway. In my "Starting Location" map the Hornet is shown as a helipad. Is this significant?

    I have tried to make a screen grab of the location screen but have not been able to do so.

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