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    No, the AMD issues with Vulkan have long been fixed, you can safely use Aerofly FS on your computer.

    Hi there, just wanted to thank you for your advice. Bought and installed AF2 and it works a treat with the RX 580 and Vulkan works perfectly so far. Getting about 150FPS on ultra settings (shadows off). Thanks again.

    Hello everyone, I'm really interested in buying this software (FS beginner) but I've heard that there are problems with radeon graphics cards. I have a Sapphire nitro+ RX 580 8Gb card. It seems there are problems running VULKAN on these cards. Has anyone, using a similar card been able to test this release? Also, is there anyone running aerofly 2 on a similar card but with OPEN GL ? What frame rates can I expect with my config? Many thanks