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    Hello good morning.

    Dear developer can you please tell when can android users expect lights DLCs for AF2023?

    I'll really appreciate your response. Regards!

    It doesn't matter what GPU ( graphic processor ) you have, it really only depends on the driver support. Of course the GPU needs to be fast, but we found that the drivers are extremely bad. They are just not optimized for a high demand application like Aerofly FS.

    Dear admin, according to your experience, can you please tell which android devises are the best who handle vulkan aerofly 2023?

    You're demanding screenshot right?

    And what if you hear from jetpacks that they have sent aerofly 2023 to playstore for review?

    And this time is really near.....! So wait until you receive new version.

    That would be amazing. Unfortunately we can't just play back a recording, we still need to filter the sound or recreate it. We need sound loops of all engine components individually, auch as the turbine whine, fan buzz, starter, exhaust, burner etc. That is why we haven't gotten around to doing that for all aircraft. It takes a long time.

    I have a question that in this case how microsoft simulator and other desktop simulator developers add the realistic aircrafts sound?

    Can someone please guide me how to down the hud of crj. I tried many time and tapped different buttons but no luck. Thanks in advance. :!: