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    Hello everybody. Hoping everyone is fine. I have a problem that when i install aerofly, After installation complete, it downloads another files. And it always stucks. Although i have a good internet connection. I have tried many times but it always stuck. I don't know what to do. Can some one please tell me how can i resolve this issue? Will be really grateful.


    I think there might be an issue with your play store protect certification,that's why aerofly isn't compatible with your device.However,you can still get aerofly to run on your device by logging in your email in another phone that has aerofly available on playstore,then purchase aerofly and download it,after you have done that,then send aerofly to your phone using an application(like Xender).Just make sure you purchased the game using your email to avoid verification issues when opening the game.That's all,hope that helps

    Thanks for your advice bro but i want to know what and where is the problem.

    Dear ipacs, no doubt that aerofly is the best simulator on ios and android. I’ve been purchasing all the versions from the beginning. The only weakness of this sim is the aircrafts sound. Dear team if you improve the sounds of specially A320 380 b747 b777, then no simulator can compete it.

    Thanks for your great work team.

    Wish you all the best…!

    We've published tutorials for the new cameras menu, time-skip and going back in time features.

    Here you can see all new camera positions:

    Dear team,

    First of all i want to say am big lover of Aerofly. And i have bought all full versions of Aerofly. But this time am really disappointed with this current 2023 version. In the teaser of 2023 version you guys showed boeing737 and pushback features. But till now these both thing do not exist in current version. If you had to add boeing737 and pushback feature in next 2024 version, then why did you show these both things on 2023 teaser?

    Hello good morning.

    Dear developer can you please tell when can android users expect lights DLCs for AF2023?

    I'll really appreciate your response. Regards!

    It doesn't matter what GPU ( graphic processor ) you have, it really only depends on the driver support. Of course the GPU needs to be fast, but we found that the drivers are extremely bad. They are just not optimized for a high demand application like Aerofly FS.

    Dear admin, according to your experience, can you please tell which android devises are the best who handle vulkan aerofly 2023?