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    Thank you so much!

    I confirm the new beta channel release has fixed the VR vulkan issue not working in native occulus vr mode is now fixed for me.

    I am so thrilled you got this fixed.

    I also can confirm YoLolo69 post

    When you crash your plane, only in Oculus VR (Vulkan or OpenGL) the VR view is broken (disparities between eyes), versus other version (monitor or SteamVR) where you immediately reappear in altitude with a correct VR view. With Oculus VR the view is broken, you have the hourglass turning, and if you can manage to return to the menu spamming the ESC key, the menu appear also VR broken and you have to exit the sim and relaunch to fix it.

    However the rest of my experience is working great.


    I just saw this update and quickly ran the game to see if it also fixed my recent inability to select runways using the navigation screen from airports in the NE USA (eg KJFK).

    Alas in the navigation menu for KJFK the runways still don't appear.

    I know they were not mentioned in the release notes but just throwing out the comment that this issue remains for me.


    (PS I am using steam beta channel version)

    If you are using external plugins please make sure to disable them for your tests. RC ATC renders text onto the Aerofly application window somehow and this could cause issues for this test. We only test with a clean Aerofly installation, no plugins and no user made contents.

    If you rename your user documents folder temporarily for this test Aerofly FS should create a brand new one and it should hide the plugin dlls and any user content that you have.


    I did as requested and vulkan still doesn't work in native oculus vr mode.

    I have attached both the main.mcf and tm.log files for your information.

    (Still using nvidia driver 457.30)


    • main.mcf.txt

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    • tm.log

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    As requested. I did delete the previous one and let AFS2 create a brand new one that was 'clean' and checked again if vulkan mode worked natively with Oculus Rift CV1 (which it doesn't!)

    I hope the attached main.mcf file helps. (Still using nvidia driver 457.30)

    Aside: @plovdiv74 My apologies. I did see VK in the file name afs2_rc_atc_vk_layer.json and noticed that atc doesn't work in vulkan mode and thought there was a possible conflict between atc and vulkan. I was incorrect in mentioning a 'dubious vulkan dll' in association with your great app. Thanks for clearing it up! I did want to send you a message to apologise but that option isn't available.


    • main .mcf.txt

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    Can one of you that has a black screen please upload their tm.log file after a black screen occurred as well as tell us exactly what graphics card they use (manufacturer as seen on the card). Then we can try to replicate this issue on a similar setup.

    As requested... Note I removed all extra addons except for steam purchased ones before conducting this test and the tm.log file is attached.

    GFX card is Palit Geforce GTX1060 6gb StormX

    Driver is 457.30


    • tm.log

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    Thanks for the response and it is good to know that on some systems vulkan works with Oculus CV1 without issues.

    It makes me wonder if it is possible that user added content (e.g. purchased add-ons/community created scenery and/or airports) may be a contributing factor to create this problem.

    I did test disabling my installation of RC ATC, which has a dubious vulkan dll in my installation but that did not allow vulkan to work natively with Oculus.

    I did not test removing all extra scenery and running the game vanilla style as that is a lot of effort. Before I would want to try that approach I would request some advice from the developers if there is merit in trying such an approach (as in there could be a possible conflict)

    Otherwise it seems to be an nvidia driver issue as my experience is similar to others...vulkan does work with earlier nvidia drivers (prior to and including 442.74 iirc)

    Currently using Steam Beta channel (not certain if that is relevant).

    I noticed today that the ILS frequencies for Heathrow, except for runway 9R, are no longer present.

    Anyone else experiencing this?


    More info: ILS frequencies don't show on navigation screen (except for 09R) when Heathrow airport is selected. However when I got closer to the airport in the 777 and entered the 27R ILS frequency of 110.3 it was registering on the flight deck instrumentation.

    Updated to beta channel to try the new 777 and I love it.

    I did run into a problem where "AFS2 RC ATC" no longer works.

    I left beta channel and reinstalled release version and RC ATC works again. I re-joined beta channel same problem. I looked in "tm.log" and saw the entry:

    1.60-tm_ext_dll: initializing dll 'afs2_rc_atc.dll' in folder 'D:/(my documents folder)/Aerofly FS 2/external_dll/'...
    1.69-tm_ext_dll: ERROR: (error dll is using interface version 1. please obtain an updated dll)

    I guess until a new dll is released by developers for RC ATC this add on won't work. Have they been notified?