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    Morning All!

    Two questions -

    1) Am I right that the Sopwith Camel doesn’t have any control features that can be manipulated in the cockpit?

    2) My son has made a couple of super YouTube videos of Aerofly FS2020. Is it ok to post a link here or is that not ok?


    I’m falling in love with a particular kind of flying, ie VOR navigation from point to point across these amazing landscapes. So far I’ve flown a lot of flights in the Cessna and the Baron 58. Any suggestions for the next plane to master? Key for me is a working VOR system with autopilot in the cockpit. Thanks!:thumbup:

    I just re-installed and have the exact same storage markers (app size and documents/data). So either (a) the 3.6 GB is actually somehow Switzerland + the western US or (b) a bunch of us are having the same problem, in particular as the install seems to be happening at 80%. I can’t tell if there is a difference in the graphics in the western US because I originally ‘installed’ the photo pack before I played the first time.

    So definitely something that hopefully the Devs can look at in more detail!

    Shoot, now I’m wondering if my download didn’t install either ... I tried multiple times and then I left it and when I came back it said “installed” but checking the storage it is showing what an earlier poster said, ie around 3.9 GB for the game and then 3.6 GB for documents and data ... could it be a general bug if so many of us on iOS are experiencing this? I’m reluctant to redo the purchase/download but happy to try that again if people think that’s what is best to do. Thanks.

    Since the app update hasn’t yet dropped could I please flag one more possible bug. Using the MCDU at KSLC is having the same issue (on the A320) as at Denver, ie I can’t select different runways to program the navigation from within the cockpit. I can do it on the main nav map but not the cockpit (as I can on airports that were covered by Aerofly 2019). Thanks.

    To close this out ... most definitely pilot error!! My son pointed out today that I had turbulence set to almost ‘high’ so I was simply dealing with bad weather! Really sorry for sending people off on a wild goose chase. Thanks again for all the advice. Simple solution. I’m an idiot!

    It could the coffee! For the rudder, if I do use it (only when I’m not flying on autopilot with the heading bug etc.) I use the control on the lower right (i.e. not in the cockpit itself but the virtual one on screen). This is the first time I’ve ever had an issue with the Cessna, always has worked well before.

    I’’m sure this is down to pilot error, but I am encountering a novel problem with my Cessna today. I am on a VOR/VFR flight around Utah (basically from Salt Lake to Reno on a scenic route. FL090-100 due to terrain. I have the wind set to calm, but even so the plane is rocking badly from side to side, both during climb and at cruise. I have the throttle in the green, heading set on autopilot, but it is still just happening. Any ideas? Thanks!!

    Thanks JetPack - I personally would rather wait a couple of days and get something even better! Really appreciate all that you and the other Devs and Moderators do.

    Hi everyone - I play Aerofly FS 2020 on my iPad Pro but am shortly going to invest in a new computer and wanted to get advice on specs for being able to play FS2. I need to get a laptop (space and portability requirements) which knocks out anything like X-Plane etc so I’m focused on FS2, also seeing how great the growing community is. So any advice on ideal specs to play it on a Windows laptop would be welcome! Thank you.