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    Here what I found:


    Do you think it's possible, they don't even have a normal update plan, at most they can improve the light and shadow series for high configuration equipment, if you want to get more trees and buildings, don't think about it.

    Hi. I do think it is possible to have a trees download, a more buildings download, neat scenery farther ahead for this device category.

    But it is a lot and a lot of work for IPACS, because they want to be runnable on old devices, so one of the next Aerofly FS 202x has to be split into many bricks* to apply all bricks to M1 devices and a few bricks on older devices for example, something like this I’m not an expert programmer.

    And it probably has to be paid by newest devices users, but when you offered to yourself a $€1000+ device, money isn’t a problem ;).

    (*) I mean by bricks, the scenery itself could be split into smaller bricks. Because, today, even with the newest iPad Pro and the latest Aerofly FS 2021 adjusted for this device, it is style possible to see blurry scenery just beside you. It is as if the scenery area bricks were too big so the device has no choice than not displays them without overload the allocated memory. If they were smaller, the small bricks could has been displayed all around the plane until reaching the allocated memory for that. This scenery rework takes time and time and time to be done.

    Hi. That’s right, it has been talked here:


    I really hope that the new iPad Pro M1 will support new versions. Because if this device is unable to run next version all the other devices would not. ;) But I also really hope that the next version has special capacities for this device family, like trees, more buildings downloads add-ons, and more clouds capacities, farther ahead sharp scenery, neater textures, shadows, etc.

    Today iOS only allow 5 GB RAM access per applications.

    For XDR Display, we have to wait for the IPACS answer about HDR scenery and so on… It could be cool to see very bright zones inside clouds like you have with HDR photos / videos.

    I think it would need new programming. You can’t also just copy user made addons from desktop to mobile. Desktop is made for x86 architecture and mobile for ARM architecture, so you can’t just copy stuff.

    It depends on what addons are made of! If they are like Word Documents they’d be opened whatever the architecture like Word does with its own documents in x86 PC / Mac, ARM M1 Mac / iPhone / iPads / Android.

    All I know is that IPACS already took care of M1 chip in the iPad with Aerofly FS 2021. If I was them I’d keep on doing it, because competitors seem to have completely forgot those device family! Today Aerofly for mobile is the only one to be able to have high resolution, clouds, all planes interactive cockpits, all airports 3D buildings…

    I think the M1 iPad Pro is a too small market for a own version

    I think Mx chips will be included in all next devices.

    And the next Aerofly FS mobile could be created with a Mx chips category in mind. Like the actual Aerofly FS 2021 now, but going farther :

    Since Aerofly FS 2021, IPACS manages itself the region downloads, so I can imagine trees downloads (for Mx chip categories), more buildings downloads (for Mx chip category), maybe plane downloads, liveries downloads. All of them linked to in-apps purchases because it is a lot of work.

    In a very farther future, the mobile version could be the one that runs on Mac, iPhone and iPad (it could be already done today, there’s just a box to check in developer side).