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    What I love more is:

    1. One second start up time,
    2. One second flight session launch,
    3. Cheats in the MCDU,
    4. Skip time,
    5. Endless clouds, 3D buildings, trees and soon street lights,
    6. Mac compatibility with Thrusmaster Airbus devices for PCs only,
    7. Warm Mac and silent fan (if the fan turns),
    8. And the most important, we are able to chat with devs here.

    IPACS rocks at all.

    When calibrating from Aerofly, I move FLAPS and SPEED BRAKE levers from min to max.

    But, about THROTTLE levers, I move them from min to mid ~FLEX/TOGA (not max).

    I validate.

    And then to set centers, I set FLAPS lever to 2 and SPEED BRAKE lever to 1/2. THROTTLE levers to CLB (I'd say you can put it wherever you want without changing nothing, maybe the same with FLAPS and SPEED BRAKE).

    I validate.

    So, this time, CLIMB detent triggers easily, FLEX becomes a bit tricky but quite OK enough and TOGA is triggered before the real max position, but it is OK in some ways.

    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I did the calibration: the detent range is 50% to 53%. I tried to shift center higher or lower than CL detent, even physically measured the real center position. It's usable by taking care of the lever position. The best range should be 52% to 56%.

    The 2 throttles look now aligned, but I did not really check, because I kept the axe that joins the throttles. And if the results are 50/53% for the both throttles, knowing it is borderline, I suppose that Aerofly might consider them not symmetric.

    See the attachment...


    I did THE sacrifice, one lever to control both:

    • I performed the quadrant calibration from the Thrustmaster documentation,
    • I reseted the quadrant from Aerofly,
    • I joined the 2 throttles with the axe,
    • I determined one of the best levers,
    • I unset the twin jet throttle 1&2,
    • I set the best lever to the basic throttle command.

    With this way, it’s barely ok. But it’s ok. I mean, I have 77% for FLEX which is so perfect, but 52/53% for FLEX which is the absolute last limit.

    I hope there’s one day an IDLE CLIMB FLEX TOGA calibration per throttle implanted in Aerofly…

    @FrankLFRS thank you for the information. I am about to wipe my XP11 folder so, I will now finally have enough room for all of AF4.

    Hopefully, the Steam servers will cooperate.

    I hate Steam about many points. But I have to confess that downloading is well managed. Updates are differentials. The first downloads took hours and hours because of my 8 Mbps Internet, but it did not block the rest of my digital life.

    Two quick questions. I have not installed the USA DLC yet.

    The Western USA is included in the base install, as far as I can tell. It looks great.

    1. Does the DLC package provide a significant improvement?
    2. How large is the USA DLC package?

    Default USA looks great. HiRes USA DLC is 61 GB added to the 64 GB of Aerofly. I'd say you can see roads and more details, since I installed it I encounter black areas widely around Seattle (even in low graphics).

    If I had sacrifices to do I would hesitate between HiRes USA (because without it is very good) or Europe (because de definition is what it is).

    All the SIM without Aircrafts Add-On is 234 GB.

    Aerofly 2023 I would like it to be an update first so we don't have to spend it again, I would also like to add more aircraft like the Famoso 737-800 and an A350 or at least add more more modern Civil aircraft, and especially more regions as I'm Brazilian if they put at least the Southeast of Brazil I would be grateful, and there is also a lack of a way to update the AIRAC of the simulator because it is very outdated!

    Aerofly FS 2023 should be Aerofly FS Mobile including an annual subscription (unfortunately) (like it is today in some kind of ways since 2019).

    You can hope what’s done and fixed in Aerofly FS 4:

    • Bugs corrections:
      • ILS alignment
      • FL320 whatever short is your flight plan
      • Auto lights now switch ON/OFF at 10000 ft
      • MCDUs pages remain the same after skip time
      • Cruise altitude remain the same alert skip time
      • QNH/STD is correctly set when auto cockpit option is ON
      • Now, very rare missed STARs SIDS but it still happens
    • Hold on function after stopping the plane.
    • Better resolution in Europe (not yet on Desktop, but soon).

    The issue is probably in the airport elevation data not in the a320. That's why I would like to know if it's just UK airports for example or only European airports or if the cheat code returns -1440 ft regardless of airport.

    Last time I encountered it: England, few airports. Not sure if it was Aerofly FS 2021 or 2022 (iOS).

    It’s a cheat so I didn’t use it for a specific airport. But it’s still a bug. In reallife the minus wouldn’t be in the O so what’s the point??? ITS A BUG.

    Yes it is a bug (the minus in the O of BARO). It is even still there in Aerofly FS 4 (Mac).

    The -1440 bug cheat for BARO does not seem to occur in Aerofly FS 4 (Mac) I've never met it but I mainly fly in the USA (HiRes). I suppose it might be still there on a few England airports in Aerofly FS 2022 (iOS). However, if it is at all airports now...

    It is. It’s a cheat BARO but why is the minus in the O of the BARO though?

    I don’t think that there is somewhere in the world a negative minimum decision altitude (not with 4 digits and a minus).

    If you still remember where this issue happens with the BARO cheat, please report it