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    Apple don't like parallel stores, however the possibility to unlock a download by the payment of an Apple in-apps purchase is doable (many games do this way, even the other so-called flight simulators).

    But in this case, it might mean a kind of subscription, because buying again every year the new version of Aerofly FS 202x and all the in-apps might not be appreciated!

    I vote for this idea: France pack, Japan pack, other region packs, plane packs, livery packs, trees pack (*), more buildings packs (*)...

    (*) for the future not existing yet over powerful iPad Pro...

    I did that with no problem, but I avoided the sharp turn. See the attachment.

    The RNAV ended up into an ILS. Which shouldn’t have happened. But it happens if there’s an ILS and a RNAV on the same runway.

    PS: Sorry the forum has somehow randomized my shotscreens!

    I avoid very sharp needle turns. And at the final turn I try to be around S speed / Flaps 1.

    I think you were to high because of the bubble-like flight plan curve. The distance is higher so it is calculated to have many Nm to descent.

    There's something weird in your last picture: LOC* localizer is caught and RNAV is displayed!

    In this video:

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    Let’s say it’s an “always-success” takeoff configuration. Works with 1500+ meters runways. Only in a flight simulator of course!!

    Let’s say it’s also for beginners even though you have to set a bit the MCDU. The A320 keeps ~160 Kts until reaching 3000 ft above ground and then accelerates to 200 kts only. It’s easy, especially if there’s a u-turn just after takeoff.

    I agree with most of what you have said, still slightly confused by the “bling blang” sounds you mention but oh well 😂

    I always have difficulties expressing the bling blang sound: when rolling fast on the runway, inside the cockpit, you can hear vibration sounds. This is what I mean about.

    hPa / inHg, yes it can be changed. But I would like it already set on inHg in USA like they do automatically with the 18000 ft USA transition altitude.

    Excellent suggestions I'm sure that ipacs already work on some of them .... What really needs is better sounds, for example realistic sounds of the a320, when turning on the engines nothing sounds 😔 it would be incredible to add the sound of the Ge90 engines to the incredible boeing 777 ... I would love landing gear sounds when taking off and landing, generic atc sound would give incredible realism, planes like the 787 dreamliner or an embraer would be wonderful ... Add more regions for example Germany, France and Spain ... More functions of the fmc of the different airplanes and something very important to add more functional systems in different airplanes with their respective real alarms and sound of the systems etc.

    In Aerofly FS 2019 / A320 the sounds of the gear were louder. Loud when extending, and wind sound in them when extended.

    Since Aerofly FS 2019 my wishes list has been divided by 2 or more.

    I checked it yesterday and it only remains that:

    Priority enhancement suggestions


    • Callouts: V1, RAAS
    • Engines sound: a bit more hissing would the absolute perfection
    • Mach speed in the PFD under the IAS speed indicator should appear above M0.50 and disappear under M0.45
    • QNH should be in inHg in the USA, the same way it is automatically done for altitude transition in function of the region


    • The sound level of the application is actually low
    • All curves in the flight plan should be calculated in function of the supposed speed at the posistion
    • Possibility to take a picture of the screen without the UI in a better definition than the screen definition (x2 x4)
    • Possibility to set departure weather different from arrival weather (winds, clouds, visibility). Maybe having a clear weather near from cruising with backwind to push the plane
    • The UTC time could be displayed in local time in function of the plane position. There could also be marks for day, night, sunset and sunrise

    User interface

    • Option to not display the copilot button
    • Calibrate device automatically when autopilot is set off. Or the double tap on screen could also calibrate the device plus centering the view
    • “Night vision on/off” button to compensate the missing illumination of the runway and the taxiway
    • Total distance while preparing a flight plan


    • Landing lights should illuminate the exterior
    • Generic ATC background sound in the cockpit
    • “Bling blang bling” sound inside the cockpit when rolling fast on the runway
    • “Blong” sound when the gears touch down the runway
    • Buzzing cockpit view when rolling
    • When turning in taxiways, the cockpit view could turn a bit automatically
    • IPACS Aerofly livery for all planes

    Secondary enhancements suggestions

    • Pushback
    • Different departure and arrival QNH would be nice
    • PNW region
    • Japan region
    • France region

    Ok it is a lot, but I'm a maniac!

    And IPACS made many of my wishes come true, so I published it again...

    This will greatly increase the workload of official personnel, originally aerofly's update is particularly slow, the allocation of personnel is not enough, These problems need to be considered.There is still a lot of work to do for the mobile version.

    I'm not saying update are slow, I'm ok with it, if I wanted more updates for nothing else more I would go with Infinite Flight <X and throw money into the window .

    I was just imaging what could happen if Apple seeds a very powerful iPad Pro in April like it looks like happening. I was dreaming of a mobile version between Aerofly FS 2 PC and Aerofly FS 2021 iOS. So more building, trees, city lights, etc. because the next device might stand it. It could be the same Aerofly FS 2021 with more downloads for this next iPad.

    Actual devices could still use Aerofly FS 2021 like today, but the next hi powerful devices could download more add-ons (and maybe pay more for that).

    Brother I have 3 requests for aerofly 2021 regarding the wonderful a320 ... 1. Sounds of the plane when taking off and landing, realistic sounds of tochdown ... Touching the asphalt of the runway would make us enjoy more .. 2. Better sound to cfm56 engines, realistic sounds, in order to have a better experience 3. That the landing lights are reflected on the runway, to make night flights

    I suppose that sounds could be done without more powerful devices.

    Lights, shadows, reflections, more buildings, trees, city lights everywhere, more clouds, and so on, must require very powerful devices.

    Maybe like the next iPad Pro that should be powerful between the iPhone 12 and Mac M1.

    I really hope that there will be an enhanced version of Aerofly FS 202x for the futures very powerful devices from Apple. Especially that now IPACS uses downloads to add features on. Actually the add-ons append more regions, hi-res, but they could be more buildings, tress, more planes, sound options for planes, etc.

    Dear IPACS team,

    If one day Apple makes a kind of M1 chip new iPad (over powerful so).

    I really hope that you would express yourself as never on mobile. It could still be Aerofly FS 2021 but with specific downloads highly detailed (more buildings, trees, etc.).

    It’s a dream that I hope come true.

    Many kisses... ;)