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    Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    Sometimes the A320, when approaching, decelerating, does not wait at green dot speed, S speed and probably F speed too.

    It often happens in England, I’d say (see the attachment for an example, the approach is “shortcut” but it’s the same with the full approach from east).

    You can also reproduce it almost each time with the default Aerofly approach (without choosing an approach, with the default waypoint at 4 Nm / 1000 ft AGL).

    A320 / AFS2021.15 / iOS 14.3 / iPad Pro 11-inch 2018 / iPhone 12 Pro 2020

    • Minimum: you see the runway ? No go around, yes visual approach, disconnect A/P (it could have been disconnected at 1000 ft or before from 5000 ft)
    • 50 ft: you are supposed to pass over the runway threshold
    • 30 ft: the A320 will flare
    • 20 ft: throttle to idle
    • 10 ft: rudder action if necessary to decrab
    • Touchdown into the 2 big rectangles
    • 2 seconds later in MED (medium) mode / 4 seconds later in LO (low) mode, the auto brake starts
    • In Aerofly, you have to wait for auto brake starts (light on) before doing next steps
    • Slide down throttle UI control around -50% to set full reverse in fact, without kill the auto brake
    • The reverse stop working (70-80 kts), release the throttle UI control
    • At 40 kts, slide down to 100% a short time the throttle UI control to stop the auto braking

    I think the proposal is very good. Besides,I have another suggestion. Separate the manual brake from the push-back shortcut button. A normal landing will not slow down as quickly as an aerofly.Aerofly's landing deceleration is really too fast, I think this is not true, as a player, can we discuss it?

    (A320) To brake, you have not to brake at 100%, it disconnects the auto-brake. It is as if the pilot stands on bakes.

    In Aerofly, when auto-brake starts, you have to set brake to ~-50% with the UI. It sets 100% reverse. The baking works with the auto-brake and takes more distance.

    It is shown here, with AFS2021:

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    This post is to thank IPACS again about their work, details in mind:

    With an iPad you can set the UI to have a trackpad to control the side stick (see the attachment). You don't tilt your device to fly, you control your plane with the trackpad.

    In Settings > Controls set Analog and Autocenter and Rudder auto.

    The trackpad behaves like the Airbus side stick, if you put it in center, the plane maintains its trajectory, slope, direction, curve...

    Here comes the gorgeous details: I've just ask a pilot friend to know whether I was dreaming or not. At 50 ft, the plane memorizes the slope and the flight commands change and behave like Boeing ("tilting" mode). It is simulated in Aerofly. At 30 ft the plane makes a -2° slope forcing the pilot to make a round before touchdown. It is simulated in Aerofly.

    So thank you again IPACS, you really rock ( Jet-Pack (IPACS)  admin)

    Today, unfortunately, the mobile version has taken over, over the PC version, and that's why they do everything smoothly. :S

    I’m sure that the optimisations required for mobile to make it excellent will sooner echo in the PC to make it greater than ever.

    yes Yes, I often fly in the afternoon.

    Yes, the RFS lighting works well, and it's a small game, I don't think it requires a lot of math.Unless the aerofly will have dynamic lighting, similar to light reflection.

    RFS is a small game with low quality graphics. So yes for them, the light calculations must be easy. Same with X-Plane, on mobile they are not really amazing, especially with the A320. And it’s completely impossible for Infinite Flight to have lights because they preferred to integrate Apple subscription system instead of the Metal Apple Low level graphics system.

    Remember AFS2019, we had shadow and lights projections inside the cockpit. Sorry, but it wasn’t that good. Today with the latest AFS2020 and with AFS2021 they are using an excellent trick to light the cockpit. Finally it’s quite better, but they suppressed the shadows and lights projecting.

    I think it’s hard to calculate for a device if you want quality. And IPACS wants quality, thanks.

    But lights would be gorgeous anyway


    = iPad7,5

    ProcessorApple A10 Fusion
    Processor Speed2.3 GHz
    Number of Cores4 (2 active)
    CoprocessorApple M10 motion
    Cache64 KB instruction + 64 KB data L1, 3 MB L2
    Performance2.3 GHz: 759 (Single-Core) 1405 (Multi-Core)


    Built-in Memory2 GB LPDDR4


    Graphics CardPowerVR Series 7XT Plus
    Number of Cores6

    12.23 Gb for Aerofly FS 2021 clean install. If you have updated it from v20.21.xx to v20.21.15, then delete it to reinstall.