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    The slider at ~50% braking just triggers the reverses (avoid less than 30% brake, but it may be 40% or 70%, target 50%, who cares). The plane is auto braking at the same. Around 60-70 kts your can hear a clic-clac, this is the time to release the slider. The plane keeps on auto braking. Around 30-40 kts you set the brakes at 100% while 1 second to stop auto baking.
    I’ve just done it and timed 14 seconds of reverse (ok it was at 5600 ft).

    It’s a game, so you can decide to try to land on short runway. So if you see the distance isn’t ok, you can at anytime brake at 100% to cheat with the braking ;)

    Dear Eduardo.
    With A320 I noted that you have to set Autobrake, LO for example.
    When landing, when ROLLING is green in the PFD, you slider down throttle/brake slider to ~-50%. This engage reverse at 100% and autobrake. Around 70 KTS you release the brake slider. Autobrake is still working, the reverses stop. To finally stop autobrake under 40 kts, you slide down to 100% brake slider while 1 second.
    The plane stops lower than with full brake slider action at 100%. I also think that to use full brake cancel autobrake and everything.
    It seems that it is the way to use the user interface to make the A320 stops correctly.
    It is explained here in French:

    This video in English:

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    Thanks for the video .. I really enjoy watching it .. Although aerofly2020's airbus 380 lacks many simulated systems .. It is somewhat incomplete like the boeing 747 ... I really don't use those two planes .. They are very incomplete .. Hopefully add more functional systems in future updates

    This is why I use the A320. Same reasons.

    In AFS2020, I create my own STAR judging the terrain from the satellite view. 😱 YES, but I feel it also like a game. And the forced 10 Nm waypoint facing the runway can be a nightmare. And the MCDU doesn’t give about altitude constraints (appart from the 2000 ft AGL at 10 Nm). Otherwise I would often put a waypoint before 10 Nm with an altitude constraints to have a TOD for this point.

    In F-PLN the line before the last is corresponding to the last imposed waypoint at 10 Nm facing the runway. In the MCDU the altitude of this point is always 2000 ft AGL (in Aerofly FS2020) — note that the last line is the threshold of the runway at 50 ft AGL.

    I usually approach at 3000 ft AGL (so the 2000 ft AGL+ 1000 ft). 3000 ft AGL is almost set at the pink (D) in the ND, where the plane starts itself the approach phase and deceleration.

    In French:

    Approaching an ILS, you can set a waypoint facing the runway over the 10 Nm. So in the MCDU you can read the altitude at F-PLN > the waypoint. You can descend at this altitude + 1000 ft. The plane will finish the descent at this point and you capture the LOC (this starts the approach phase).


    With Face ID Apple devices (iPad Pro, iPhone X family) the multitasks active area is over the rudder/steering wheel control (see the attachment).
    The multitasks control is not limited at only the bar at the bottom of the screen but the whole bottom of screen is active.
    So when you use rudder you can trigger multitasks instead. On Apple devices if you slide right or left the bottom, as you do with rudder, swipes from an application to another.
    The consequences of a missed rudder action (because you lose the controls of the current application, Aerofly here) is a lose of control, the braking action can be jammed, the rudder can be jammed, the reverses don’t work or stop working.

    To correct it there are 2 choices:

    • Putting the rudder control upper in the secure area (if I remember this like that Apple calls it)
    • There’s a mode of how an application manages multitasks. I mean some applications (often games) must set a mode that makes multitasks hard to work, you have to insist firmly to trigger it

    You are the best flight sim.

    Best regards and thank you.

    A LOC-DME instrument flying approach has no glideslope. The plane is initially descended on a calculated 3.5 degree descent with the underlined levels being exceeded or held until the DME range has been passed, for example FIMSO is not below 12,300 feet until 9 miles is passed. After the last DOYPE fix a very steep 6.59 degree loss of hight is needed, perhaps requiring a descending visual circuit to position for a landing on the chosen runway.

    Thank you. I learned something today. :)

    I’ve even never spotted at the flight plan maker that there are LOC and ILS frequencies. My eyes read LOC as ILS. :S

    It’s nice because on day I told to myself that LOC only could exist. Well they really exist so. And It’s clearly written.

    Regards :*

    On mobile Aerofly FS 2020 is the best compromise between weather and excellent flight physics:

    • X-Plane global clouds rain but the planes are disgusting especially the A320
    • Real Flight Sim perfect weather but it’s a cartoon joke
    • Infinite Flight the most shitty weather ever they only begin to think of using Metal

    So AFS2020 is amazing