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    This is a tutorial about RNAV Approach with A320. It is interesting by the way and it works well in AFS2020. And more the guy here performs a going around at minimum:

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    But I would like to focus on the hissing sound of the engines. It’s very sexy to my opinion. But it may be not realistic. I don’t know!

    A subtile touch of this way of hissing engine sounds would sound nice to me. But Aerofly if you take care of this suggestion please don’t change this high voltage transformer sound at TOGA. I don’t know another iOS flight sim able to do this Airbus sound. This is too “orgasmic” :*

    Lots of love

    1) add a shaking to instruments, panels, with sound effects... depending on runway surface, the amount of vertical speed etc.... kind of like EZdoc etc

    Yes it would be nice. But they may have an unsolved question: how can the user interact with cockpit if it moves?

    Otherwise, at least, sound effect would be gorgeous!


    :?: Is there a reason that landings lights don't illuminate de runway?

    ;) I could simply die for this feature.

    :!: If it is impossible on mobile, maybe that a night vision button could be nice to see the terrain while taxiway by night. This must be easy to program I imagine.

    Thank you Aeroflyers :*

    If they are more regions available in AFS2020. This will require a region manager (deleting, adding, restoring, etc.).

    And yes, yes , yes, AFS2020 is the best of the best from far.

    With XPlane Global you can download your desired flight but it takes a lot and a lot a lot of time and the planes are poor.

    Infinite Flight, they are hiding behind devices limitations not to make clouds, 3D buildings, airport lights (all of us here knows it's totally false). They shut your mouth off very rapidly on their forum. They are also completely lost at adding new planes but they should take care of the existing ones. And the definition is 100% low resolution. And the physics is not that good as it is at first look. I don't talk about the luxurious price that is robbed for it.

    RFS is cartoon-like but it is a all-in-one.

    A workaround if you use the internal flight planner is to set your destination as an enroute waypoint and another aerodrome (f.i. your alternate) as destination.

    Then you fly your own integration path and approach by the maps.

    Yes that's right. Didn't think.

    But I may lose the cruise, top of descent, descent, approach phases from the A320. Because they will be set for the latest airport of the flight plan.

    Many thanks anyway.

    EDIT: I've just tried: you can't add an intermediate airport, it wants you to define it as departure or arrival.

    Exactly. I meant A320 is easier as it was at the top of evolution. I like it like this. You can feel its physics behind the iPad. “Orgasmic”.
    By the way. I’ve just read the article about setting A320 engines on or off. I really can’t wait. Will you update the wiki doc of the A320 with start and stop engines?

    What do you mean prehistoric?

    The B777 is the newer airplane IRL :)

    Your work about this plane is gorgeous. But handling this plane when you are used to handling the A320 is like an other time. B777 is not for a childish game.
    I love Aerofly. And believe me I lost money with the other FS.
    And I have not finished yet with the A320. A pilot friend (all Airbus to be simple) is helping me with. And all details, tips and tricks work at 100%. So your plane are the best ever :love::love::love:

    Double tap centers the view. That is understood.
    But I’m confused because it also sets the zoom. And I don’t understand what this zoom is based on?

    Sometimes it zooms in, sometimes it zooms out, until the zoom is fixed. I didn’t get the trick yet.

    The double tap also seems not to respond sometimes. It seems volunteers but I didn’t get it.
    If you could light me... thank you :*.
    On iPad or iPhone