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    Hi Jan,

    As a Peixsoft developer, every day I receive more requests to be able to connect my applications with Aerofly FS2, there are too many people, and unfortunately I have to say that this simulator hardly delivers data over UDP. I already mentioned it in another post. The example DLL does not work for me because I develop with Delphi (Pascal) and the demo code is totally incompatible and impossible for me to port to Delphi.

    I think that developing a data delivery similar to X-Plane would not take much time and would increase the sales of Aerofly FS2.

    Kind regrads


    Hello Andy,

    Thank you very much, in fact I need all available messages, i.e: pitch, roll, yaw, ias, altitude, heading, turn rate, sip/skid, etc,

    all engine parameters, i.e: rpm, man press, oil temp, oil press, fuel, electrics, etc.

    all navigation, i.e: vor crs, dme, adf bearing, etc

    all autopilot params.

    You can contact me at

    Best regards


    Thanks Jan,

    The convenient thing is that users do not have to install extra dlls, only that they activate the sending of broadcast data and my application collects them, it is what I currently do with other simulators and I would like to be able to include yours in my catalog. I will also look at the example DLL to see what can be done.




    as a cockpit apps developer and Aerofly user, I would like to be able to integrate my apps with Aerofly, since its flight physics seems very good to me, but the data in the udp broadcast format is too basic. Would it be possible for IPACS developers to also send navigation and engine data over UDP?

    Thank you