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    I expect there will be new SDK Tools and new converters but I can't promise that yet.

    I'm looking forward to it! :) :thumbup:

    I hope there will be SDK tools with much better graphical user interface, for example X-Plane has World Editor and I really like that.

    In addition, Blender and SketchUp plugins would be very much needed. Also, I hope we don't have to use coding and plain text editors to make scenery, because these are very confusing and primitive.

    Hi PLAY, My gripe with FS2022 is that the Landmarks do not appear on my Android machine. Can I use the file transfer and get them from FS2021? If so what is the Landmark file name please?

    Unfortunately it seems that you can't do it. In Aerofly FS 2021, the landmarks were in the .obb file at Android/obb/com.aerofly.aeroflyfs2021

    In Aerofly FS 2022 everthing is in this weird Split Apk 7x, I have no idea how to edit it, however you can extract it

    I looked inside these apk files, but didn't see any landmarks folder like in Aerofly FS 2021

    Very feeling! :)

    I would also like to ask if I can use this method to port other landscapes into the game? :saint:

    Yeah you can try to, follow the steps in this thread. I failed, but you may succeed

    February 16, 2022 at 12:09 PM

    Of course. I've posted about android Landscape porting before. I also noticed that City Lights could be ported into AF2022. But I never knew how to do it.

    May 2, 2022 at 4:08 AM

    Download the file


    Then inside the west_coast_nights_vr_quality folder you see the building textures folder.

    Go to Android/data/com.aerofly.aeroflyfs2022/files/

    Go inside dlc_scenery_usa_south_fl.tme file, hold it down and open as archive

    Go to dlc_scenery_usa_south_fl/scenery/places

    press the green + button and add file

    Then select the west_coast_nights_vr_quality folder and select no compression

    If it successfully finishes, then you should see the west_coast_nights_vr_quality folder besides the usa folder

    Then it should work, if you have any questions, then I'm happy to help

    admin I may have a possible fix for the lighting issue on Android devices where the lights of the aircraft do not illuminate the ground. The main issue is the Vulkan rendering engine for android which is causing the lighting shader incompatibility. So instead of shader based lighting, IPACS can implement texture based lighting (A lightmap) for android devices. GTA San Andreas also uses this method of lighting the ground by car headlights.

    Example image is given in the attached file.

    That's a very good idea! :) :thumbup:

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    Just found this video in youtube where this user has a mod for the android version with hi resolution photo scenery in Spain and...New Zealand???

    Dont know how he did it but looks really beautiful!

    I guess it shows that global is possible in the android version!

    Oh that's really nice!


    I tried everything and nothing worked, no one helped me :(

    This mobile simulator could be improved so much if everyone knew how to make custom scenery.

    With the beautiful city lights and custom scenery other simulators wouldn't even be able to compete with this.

    IPACS can't do everything alone, but together we can do more. admin Jet-Pack (IPACS)

    I'm so sad

    Hi, I am trying to find some instructions on the process for copying extra scenery files into Aerofly FS 2021 or 2022. Say if you wanted to add something extra, where should the files be copied to?

    I remember a thread about moving files from 2021 for the USA with buildings over to 2022, but can't find it now.....

    I know this is an "own risk" process. I have both versions installed now so am happy to use my 2021 version to try some extra files. Thanks for any tips!

    I'm on Android 12 without root.


    If you want the England and South Florida sceneries, then you need to copy the dlc_scenery_uk.tme and dlc_scenery_usa_south_fl.tme files from ''Android/data/com.aerofly.aeroflyfs2021/files'' to ''Android/data/com.aerofly.aeroflyfs2022/files''

    In the newer Android versions, you can't access this location in your default File browser, so you have to use a 3rd party one like ZArchiver.

    To get the city lights you need to download it from and put it inside one of the .tme files

    Also how may I get AI aircraft in Aerofly FS 2 Aerosoft version? I feel lonely while playing without even AI! :(

    Hi, I took the AI Traffic from mobile to PC, if you have Aerofly FS 2021, then I can help you.

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    This is exactly what I'm thinking! Very well said, I hope IPACS will count these suggestions!


    Thank you very much for all the information provided above. Converting all the pngs on the 16-geoconvert-raw folder to bmps prior to run them through the content converter tool did the trick.


    I tried to make Madeira and Palma De Mallorca orthophotos, but it didn't work, I even tried to put the .ttc files in the Florida scenery images folder, then the Florida scenery worked, but Madeira and Palma De Mallorca orthophotos didn't.

    And I got as far as getting something in the Android Fs sim that looks like an etc2 compressed image but with a very strange red grid pattern (see image attached).

    How did you even get it to show the red lines, for me nothing shows up, I even reinstalled the app, but still nothing.

    I tried 16-geoconvert-raw folder and 16-stitched folders, but nothing showed up in-game, I also tried png-s and bmp-s, but it still didn't work.

    I would appreciate if you could help me a little.

    There is a clear disconnect between the devs and the community for this flight sim, and ultimately will be the downfall for this platform. Without community there is no growth.

    I agree, but the downfall of this simulator is that IPACS is very closed about everything and doesn't allow ANY customization of their .ttc file system and everything, that's the problem.

    Another problem of course is the community, Aerofly runs on even the worst PCs, and that invited lot of poor people who don't have money.

    TTC files are platform specific texture formats, e.g. they are different on iOS/Android ( ETC2 format ) compare to the PC platform ( DXT format ). We are not sure what GeoConvert version is used by Aeroscenery, but one must create PNG files with GeoConvert and then they can be converted to ETC2 TTC textures using our content converter.

    admin Unfortunately I didn't find any information on how to convert the orthophotos with Content Converter, I only found that it is possible with Geo Converter.

    I would appreciate if you could help me a little.