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    As a 64Gb Ipad simmer it would also interest me to hear how you are implementing those extra regions. I am happy to give 1/3 of my iPad storage to Aerofly as it is such an awesome Sim. Aerofly 2022 with extra planes and maps might push this much higher which makes me think you might have worked some magic and the ability for example to download and offload purchased regions as needed, at least for those that do run into storage limitations? Would be interesting to know...

    Same here. I have used for a few years an hdmi cable to link ipad to my iMac screen. Ipad becomes the comtroller while i enjoy the gameplay on a much larger screen and it brings the sim to another level.

    Aerofly is missing some planes while other sims has many. But, if there is a new plane coming up! I hope it will be one of B737-800 or A220 or A350-900 or B787

    Other sims have lots of poor planes in my opinion. I can't play anything else on mobile since playing Aerofly. This sim has amazing cockpit interactions with the plane it develops so I hope they keep doing it this way. I am sure they will come out with new ones in the future.

    I 'learnt' how to fly the a320 and other aircrafts for sim purposes, from all the tutorials on YouTube no matter what simulator was used. There are plenty to get you knowledgeable enough, and all you have to do is fly as you watch them and figure out the few things that this amazing mobile sim hasn't implemented yet.

    I think that as per the Current trend in Flight Sims... that is of "Realistic Environment".... Our beloved IPACS team needs to create an "Authentic Weather Engine" with Realistic Sky Colours and Volumetric Clouds before they go for something more exciting...... as this Amazing Sim is Slowly getting Backdated due to misssing of "Weather Engine"... * Its all my Opinion.. Please!!! Anyone don't mind... I dont know what Sir @Jet-Pack will Say about it :( .

    But I love this Sim and IPACS <3 . So, will keep waiting for something NEW.

    Current trend in PC Flight Sims maybe? I can't see anything as realistic as this on mobile, not even close.

    Dear IPACS I have one request. On iPad Pro or iPad Air with small bezels the manual rudder control is right on the border and often touching it triggers the iPad to move the app window like when you try to minimise an App. I wonder if it would be possible to move it a little further up so that this doesn't happen?

    Many thanks!

    Dear iPacs, thanks for fixing the download issue on regions and for the fantastic sim! When you get around to it I would love to see landing lights implemented. I know they are there but I don't seem to notice any difference as far as lighting the runway goes. This would add another level of realism to this fantastic simulator. Thanks

    First I love the game. I am only struggling with maps at the moment. I had downloaded app + 4 of the maps to keep my iPad ( 32gb, 6th generation ) from running short of storage. After the app update I went back to sceneries to check if maps were there and got a download 0% on all of them and noticed that my iPad storage was somehow much lower than before. Contacted Apple who suggested a backup and reset to clear storage. Did that and after re downloading the map I still seem to have issues with maps. Restore purchases brings me back to a Downloading 0%. Switzerland showed on the scenery. I set up a flight from Geneva and noticed that resolution on map was really bad. I stopped and went back to sceneries and now it shows downloading 0%. Ipas OS 14. Aware that I am on the limit of storage with my iPad but something is off with map downloads... Looking forward to a fix. Also I tried to delete the App once again and have a feeling that in App purchases remain in memory and fill up the device. Shouldn't those also clear with an App delete? Thanks

    I wonder if it is a issue with the maps not having downloaded properly. I tried to fly Manchester to Edinburgh and Liverpool Edinburgh on my iPad 6th generation ( 2018 ) last night and before even taking off the game crashed. Right after I took a flight in Florida and it was flawless and beautiful... On downloading maps like most people I had to try many times and even if it said 'download complete' a button to buy the region reappeared meaning that the download was not done after all. Eventually that changed to 'installed' but I wonder...

    We added a multi function button to enable you to toggle other information on and off as well.

    Amazing work on this latest iteration! Textures of cockpit ( a320 ) and sceneries have been greatly improved and I am still on a weeny iPad 2018 (6th Generation) With future devices I think I can forget about all the gear needed to play a simulator on PC and stick to this as it is fantastic and fun. I loved that you moved the altitude increase button away so that it doesn't get pressed by accident as it happened occasionally. A few hiccups on aircrafts following flight plan correctly (from limited time playing it.... ) but I am sure you will polish those. Do you know if one can offload the maps and upload what is needed only? Maybe not possible... Still congratulations for what you have been able to do.