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    I had contacted the Apple Support today. There is currently a bug in the new Mac OS Monterey software which needs to be addressed by Apple. In the meantime the following procedure will get you to the aircraft or scenery file: Open Finder, choose "Go to folder" and press the "option" ("alt") key. Only then "Library" shows up. Then subsequently click on the folders named in the file path above to get finally to the files of "scenery" or "aircraft".

    I have actually a similar problem with my one year old iMac Retina 5K, 27" Processor: 3,8 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i7 with 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 with Graphic Board AMD Radeon Pro 55500 XT 8GB. I had already downloaded several user created aircraft and scenery in the past. It all worked fine. Recently I wanted to install some of the new RC8 aircraft that I had downloaded.

    I have this problem since a few days after the latest Version 12.0.1 of macOS Monterey was installed.

    When I open the "Go To" menu in Finder, a totally black window opens that still shows in its upper portion the file path for the last models and scenery that I had successfully entered a few months ago. This upmost line of the window shows: ~/Library/Containers/ Support/aerofly RC 8.The bottom Area of the window is totally black and shows no button "Open", as it was the case previously. Actually there is no way to get this path executed and to open the the scenery or aircraft folders. When I'm using "Terminal" to enter the file path manually, I get the message that there is no such file.

    Are other Mac users facing a similar problem with the Upgrade to OS Monterey?