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    The EC135 flies perfectly .. My phone is a huawei mate 20 lite and flies at 170 Miles per hour. I don't know why the EC135 specifically brings problems for you .. Hopefully they are true and you don't want to boycott the great work of the ipacs team. .. I repeat the helicopter flies fast and perfectly without any problem

    the problem is not the speed, but the crashes that the game gives after about 10 minutes flying with the helicopter

    I use the xiaomi mi 8 lite, in the latest version available, and I'm in the beta version of the game! the crash occurs after a few minutes of play, the aircraft panel (ec135) is erased and a few seconds after the panel erases the game crashes! these crashes started after the last update on October 13th!

    I was testing the update of the 13th, and it is very good, now my phone can have a good performance flying with the ec135, but there is a catch, sometimes the game crashes after a few minutes flying with the ec135!

    this is a problem of fps, when the game is below 30 fps the speed is reduced by the lack of fps, this has happened to me because my game is below 30 fps, i created a topic about it here in the forum, take a look

    I did it, I flew 17 miles in 9 minutes, that gave an average speed of 100 kts, and the speed marked on the aircraft panel was 160 kts! this is because my fps is below 30, and the game needs a minimum of 30 fps for a real simulation

    the vulkan system is only hindering the performance of the game on my phone, my phone has support for the vulkan but it's only decreasing the fps! I was wondering if anyone is also having this problem

    will the ec135 be optimized in the future? because the ec135 helicopter consumes a lot of fps even though everything is low

    they will only put the ec135 on the mobile version after launching the beta version for the pc! I just think they are taking too long to launch the beta version for Pc

    suggestion: adding an AW139 helicopter to the game, it would be great to fly that helicopter! NOTE: I know that the developers are still working on the ec135, so I'm just giving a suggestion for a possible future helicopter

    I did the test on the runway 03L - 21R of Travis air base, the runway is approximately 2.1 mn, and I covered this distance in 2 minutes with the r22, this gives an average speed of approximately 55 kts, being that in the panel of the r22 was scoring 100 kts, I hope they fix this bug

    I have noticed these days that the R22 apparently flew slower than the other planes, so I did a test by placing the R22 and the cessna 172 to fly at the same speed (100kts) and the same distance, and even so the cessna made the journey in half the time of R22, maybe this is a bug in the game