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    Well said Steve I love what X-plane has done for the scenery and even the cars and buses on the roads but I find FS" smoother to run but feel its very limited

    I would love to know how to built up a full airfield but find the learning curve to mind boggling for me

    I would need a video starting from scratch on how to build an airfield up with buildings ect.

    Shame about the microlight aircraft not being in FS2 as there is a large market of microlight flyers in the uk

    and a large number of aircraft well over 150 in the UK with the LAA and BMAA does and other third party do aircraft for FS2?

    And thank your for you help KJKsimmer

    Wow thanks, witchcraft it must be,

    Can i change the runway to grass?

    You obviously know what your doing so can i ask can we make the google overlay with more details?

    but if not not a problem just grateful you have helped me thank you.

    Hi a bit of a newbe here very torn between FS2 or X-plane 11 the reasons are

    my local airfield Otherton in staffordshire UK is blank in FS2 but X-plane i can fly the airfield with great details but X-plane is very slow loading and doesn't have hands like FS2.

    Has anyone done in great detail local microlight fields in the UK as I don't really understand how to do the programming port but love FS2

    Also anyone made any microlight aircraft like flexwing or three axis aircraft I done mind paying for peoples hard work.

    Many thanks