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    The thrust levers don't actually have the detents at the correct positions. They should be at about 55% and 75% but they built it with detents at 40 and about 72% or so. We now internally detect that device and because of that we know the hardware detents and use our code to match those to the detents in the virtual cockpit. You should be able to use the same hardware detents for the Q400 flight idle, C90GTx flight idle and F18 and F15e max military thrust (without afterburners) detents in the virtual cockpit.

    I never noticed an issue with the detents - the ECAM showed the correct state when each detent was activated. I didn't bother looking at the physical quadrant as I was on VR.

    With regards the ENG master switch, will this be something that could be activated in the future?

    I received the Thrustmaster TCA Officer pack last week. It works a treat with the A320 in Aerofly FS2 and the detents work great. The engine switches work out of the box, but I can't seem to find a way to utilise the selector switch (Crank, Norm, Ign/Start), as there are no control mappings for it.