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    I know, i know. This Question is asked many many Times. But i just came back to Aerofly After a 5 Month Break and read the Blog Post about an Update "soon". This was over a Month ago, and i ask myself, when can we expect the Update? I know that you probably cant give me an exact Time, but just a Number would be cool. 3 Weeks? 2? maybe even 1? ;=)

    Why is it that when i put the Flaps out while Flying with Autopilot (Not copilot) the Plane pitches Upwards (or downwards) but with Copilot on, the Flaps have 0 Effects on the Pitch of the Plane (Even tough the Copilot flies with Autopilot as well?)

    Hi Jan,

    it was during the Approach on 6000ft. The Altitude was in Managed Mode so was the Heading. When the Plane started to Reduce to 250kts, i set the Speed Knob to Select so i could manage the Speed myself. According to the MCDU the Descent Phase was active.



    Please no speculations here. We are working on new features and content and we will offer them to mobile as well as our PC version. We will of course try to keep our focus on the strong points of Aerofly FS, e.g. smooth frame rate, great VR support and of course perfect flight dynamics.

    I believe that, but for some people its hard to believe (a time ago me too) because your not showing ANYTHING at all. The last major thing that was "Announced" was middle January. We have April now. I get that youre a small team, but you cant tell me you have 0 Info on the Progress of this or other Features.

    Thats true but we still don’t know the pc requirements for MSFS 2020, also don’t forget AFS2 runs very smooth. I guess time will tell. One more thing, this game will do huge in the mobile industry when big updates come. So that is one plus. I highly doubt MSFS 2020 will EVER come to mobile.

    Yeah but is a Mobile Version enough to keep up with MSFS 2020? i highly doubt it...

    did you said "Update"? Hmm...


    The A380 is only Available in Mobile Version. It was asked many times, if it would be added in the PC/MAC Version. Its on the List, but has no Priority in the Moment. New Airliners: We dont know. Even tho the Devs have Created the New Blog section, we dont get much Info about Upcoming Updates. The last "Big" thing that was Announced, was that the Engines in the A320 are getting Prepared to be Turned off.

    Do you have a Full Heathrow Scenery (Buildings Taxiways etc) or just the Simple Runways?