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    So i copied the New Callouts in the Directory of the "Normal version" (not alpha) And so far all of them Work fine. The Only ones that dont work are the "Autopilot Disconnect" Sound "100 Above" and "Retard". Im sure its because something is missing from the Alpha, but can i get it to work in the Non Alpha Version somehow?

    ok, this is amazing. I found some things:

    1) some of the runway numbers match the numbers on the map when "spawning" in or selecting SID and STARS

    2) going from KSNA to KSAN on an a320 using a SID and STAR i forgot, the plane went in circles...

    3) why the blades still spinning when everything is off, they are spinning slowly.

    I haven't found anything big yet, but this update is huge. Thanks.

    Spinning Blades is normal, in real life as well, watch it the next time you fly with an A320 ;)

    Well, you must understand that drhotwing was the "Thread Terminator" in the past, and his old me would have terminated this thread after the first post for shure ;).

    Me must acknowledge the transition of drhotwings old me to the new one, who is presenting us a vast gain of serenity :thumbup:

    Well okay, but is this the way you should handle Critisism? I mean sure there are some Threads that are just Useless and should be Deleted but this right here is just the Truth. We aint telling some lies about the Devs. THESE ARE FACTS! And if DeLeTiNg A tHrEaD that is pure Critisism is the Way you Treat your Community, then you dont Deserve a Community that Loves, Plays, and Supportes this Game.

    We only ask for more sincerity and transparency from the developers towards the users but they never say anything ... We also suggest that they take up their social networks .. Facebook page .. Instagram .. Youtube .. But they don't even bother to say what they will do the possible to retake that ... The product is dead in marketing .. It seems that it does not matter to them if they sell their product or not .. If they tried to sell their product better with better marketing there would surely be thousands of downloads and more capital to hire more developers and work faster on updates .. But surely they will read this and will not say a word ...

    I also dont get why drhotwing wanted to "Delete this Thread" if it was his alter ego. Like... ???? Thats just a prime example of someone who A: cant accept the Truth, or B: is not able to handle critisism

    Guys, a bit out of hand this thread is getting. The old me would have deleted this by now :) But we are going to just keep following our course, keep working on what's to come, listen to criticism from our community, and try not to judge.

    What I will tell everyone, and it's a bit redundant, that we are very busy. If you read into this statement you will know from it that there is plenty more to come! We are not done yet, and this is not a ghostware.

    Give us some more time and we will try very hard to please everyone.

    Yeah i agree that it Escalated a little bit. But the main "core" of the Thread is still true tho. I believe that you are very busy, and im not saying this game is dead. But repeating yourself over and over and always saying "Give us more Time" wont Please the Community. I was asking Jan if he could tell us, what you are currently working on. No Response, and im sure he read it ;) If a feature is almost ready to release (wich i hope it is) then you can tell the Community about it, with no problems at all.

    We cannot of course let the Good Stuff away! Like many People mentioned here, the Graphics are Insane and giving us a Constant +60 Framerate is absolutley GREAT!

    All of us are still hard at work every day so development is far from dead. We are working quickly and made great progress so far. There are exciting new things on the horizon and I hope we have some more information on that soon. Please be patient, we don't want to rush the release of the next update.

    Before the 'big new features' are ready we will probably have several semi-big updates along the way.

    Dont be mad, and Please Understand that i and i guess the Community appreciate the Work you put in the Game. But those are the Promises that always come and always we need to wait another Week. Another Month. Another 6 Months :( Besides that, if you made great Progress sofar, wich i belive, why dont you tell us, the Community, what exactly you are Working on? :)

    I mean just look at the Time the Last Major Update came out. It was at the End of January. The last Major Response from the Devs is almost 2 Months ago. And nothing happend. No Teaser, no "Progress Update" NOTHING. Regarding the Progress Update: I can understand that the Devs dont want to Announce anything to Early to build up Hype, and then dont Release it, i get that. But you cannot tell me that there is not ONE SINGLE FEATURE that is still in Development, that isnt lets say 80% ready and therefore ready to Announce or atleast tell us that there is something coming. Because if they have no Feature "ready" or in Developement this far, this Game is really Dead. Even if the Devs say its not Dead.