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    just send an email with your App Store receipt to mail (at), they'll send you a Steam code.

    I have just done that over the weekend and I received my code this early morning, thx Ipacs for their reactivity and customer care!


    I am also a Mac user (and PPL/A). I have both an iMac (mid-2013) which runs not so bad at the lowest graphics quality and a brand new MacBookPro without GPU but which runs very decently (~30fps). I run the AppStore version with no other DLC, except for the content found on I'd like to thanks the contributors by the way, they have done an amazing job! I wish I had the whole western part of France with top quality. No PC at the moment to build my own tiles.

    I am eager to replacing my old iMac by a brand new PC and this is the reason I am not buying any DLC at the moment. Of course, I am also expecting FS2020 specs to come out.