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    One of our problems with adding more regions (especially Orbx Netherlands) to the mobile version is the storage limitations with mobile devices, vs. the PC version where hard drive storage is much easier to achieve. There are also performance limitations to consider, where for instance Orbx Netherlands has much more cultivation than any other scenery released to date. We will continue to try to push the envelope of mobile devices and possibly add more regions in the future, but I can't make any promises at this time.

    Thank you for clarifying. I am on Android mobile and I was expecting the Swiss scenery. I really hope it's not for long.

    I am on a Redmi NOte 7pro. I am also waiting for the Swiss scenery on Android. Hopefully they'll add it soon. This sim is looking crazy man! I am loving it.

    I also hope they'll update the lighting to be brighter when taxiing. The lights are working but it's not lighting the taxiway.