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    Aerofly doesn’t need a super high end gaming PC to play on. Part of the reason why it’s on mobile too

    Hey bro you gotta chill on this forum don’t be calling people toxic retards they are trying their best and it doesn’t help when a whiny child insults them

    I literally said, they started calling me underaged after I gave my opinion on aerofly. They called me “just a player” even 2 messages were deleted which you know what that means...I mean I literally just asked for your guys opinion

    The Switzerland scenery was already available in Aerofly FS 2019.

    IPACS doesn’t want to put everything thing in as an In game purchase. The Switzerland scenery is the only thing that has to be an in game purchase, because of this:

    Ok also I don’t like Switzerland scenery all you see is green at like 140p. I’ve played it and haven’t spotted any 3D buildings or the city yet.

    A DC-10/MD-11 would be a dream come true in aerofly!!! If it’s not possible, honestly I just wish for more old retro commercial planes like other Mcdonnel Douglas planes. I love the old B-737 in aerofly just wish there was more old planes!

    Aerofly is a great game but the pricing is off in my opinion. First I think $7 of $8 is fine but you need to pay for that every year for just the newest app. Mostly, the newest app is only a few updates like last year, a B-777 and in game purchase for Switzerland. I don’t think that is worth it. They should just have one game but make continuous updates not every year just put something new, have a new app, and sell it for $8. Also if you just add a B-777 I think it should be an in game purchase not a new game for $8 if you just want the B-777.

    Many of our DLC sceneries have streetlights and taxilights included. There are also many free add on's that add streetlights to many of our other covered scenery locations.

    As for lights illuminating other surfaces, we haven't yet implemented that function

    Could you make it so the planes lights actually work? They show of course but do not show on the ground. It’s really dark. Also I’m on mobile DLC don’t work

    Precisely right. Knowing the aircraft, airport, ie. wx, pressure altitude, ground effect, spoiler efficiencies if equipped, sink rate at throttle approaching idle etc & so much more in the realm of airmanship. To me that seems well duplicated in AF2 with aircraft types I've flown. Next most important factor - frame rate. So having flown XP, AF and real for years, AF2 feels more like reality not even considering the huge VR frame rate advantage in AF2. Realistic SIDs & STARSs, traffic, ATC, dynamic wx etc & just maybe there'd be no question as to which is maximum reality.

    I know there isn’t that much drag. I even researched on YouTube if people had to same problem and people did. My favorite YouTuber Jeff favignano even said it had too much drag and he’s been playing X-Plane 11 for years and now MCFS.

    1.It is called flight simulator, not aircraft failure simulator

    2.A320 is now providing GPWS, and it’s better than any default models in XP11, P3D etc.

    3.Many of the aircrafts provide option to start cold and dark and engine can certainty be turned off.

    4.I’m sure you know very little about what aerodynamics mean. Whatever you preferred as a real “flight simulator” doesn’t provide aerodynamics better than Aerofly in a perceivable scale by non-professional users.

    5.Don’t blame your hard landing to the sim, blame your maneuvering. In fact the high frame rate in Aerofly gives you better control of the aircraft when it comes to subtle control. You certainly can’t perform a beautiful landing in a 20fps- orbx TE KSEA in XP11.

    I play on 120?

    Insane new stuff. I hope they have the GPWS callouts and cold and dark for all the planes! Also when will the update come out for mobile?