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    Depends on your definition of a flight sim. Aerofly has the best flight physics, that clearly makes it a flight sim.

    For default aircraft our aircraft have a lot of cockpit interaction.

    If you have seen the latest alpha you know that you can shut down the engines in the a320 and lj45 now too, along with many of the piston aircraft and our turboprops and helicopters. We even added a new cold and dark feature.

    We're also focussing on aircraft quite a bit, not sure how you got the impression that we don't.

    I forgot the mention in the thread that the physics are not good. They have way to much drag and it’s almost impossible to land without a thump. Your aircraft doesn’t even float. I just want one thing new is GPWS or failures.

    Aerofly shouldn’t be considered as a flight sim yet...doesn’t have any failures, weather control for rain, snow etc. Doesn’t even have any correct GPWS or warnings. The cockpit interaction only limited. Can’t even turn off the engine or start up the plane. Also the physics are terrible. There is way too much drag. It just pulls you down when you’re coming in for a landing. I’m just pitching my nose up the whole time during final APP. Aerofly is basically just focusing on scenery and the planes looks, not the flight sim part.

    Hi all,

    I’m wondering if you can go import the altitude callouts into Aerofly in mobile. Will it only work in computer?

    One of Aerofly’s biggest flaws, their GPWS. It would be awesome to have it so that the GPWS is for the right aircraft. Or it doesn’t even need to be specific GPWS callouts for specific planes. Maybe it can just be Boeing like it is in X-Plane 10 mobile. It’s better than the creepy guys’ voice. Also it would be cool if Aerofly could have like PULL UP or other GPWS warnings like in X-Plane 10 mobile. I would definitely pay money if it meant having these stuff.