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    Issue resolved...I deleted WMR and Steam VR. I then ran a registry cleaner and found some leftover junk, as well as some left over files in the LocalApps folder. Once I cleaned everything out real good then reloaded Steam VR and WMR, everything worked as it should. Also, I had forgotten that I had installed OpenVR at some point. That might have been the culprit.

    When I first loaded Aerofly 2, it recognized both my Alpha yoke and CH Throttle quadrant. Since that first time, Aerofly does not see either one in the CONTROLS section. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. Both are working in Windows 10 as well as several other sims to include X-Plane and DCS. Also, my Saitek panels show up with no issues under CONTROLS. I can only assume that whichever file or registry entry that contains the USB controller info in Aerofly remains in place despite the reload, and prevents the programming from truly rescanning the hardware. Can someone point me to the location of this file or entry? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

    I am having trouble using Aerofly 2 in VR with my Reverb headset. I am attempting to launch with Steam VR and Steam WMR. The problem is that the menu does not appear in VR. When I hit the Spacebar (Center VR) the menu flashes on for only a second. If I manually start VR using my mouse, it places me above and to the left of the aircraft. If I hit the spacebar then, I can see the cockpit flash on for a split second.

    Using my Rift S, I have no issues. I believe this sim would be absolutely stunning in the Reverb, but I just can't get it to work. I have tried both beta and finalized Stem VR and Steam WMR. Has anyone experienced this?