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    little issue inside of Aerofly Fs 2020 for a while.

    In the menu, all engines rings are shown with a metallic texture, but in game, they mostly are either completely black, or very dark grey, which is sad as it makes the whole picture of the beautiful aircraft models look very odd.

    Would appreciate a fix, aircrafts affected by this are:






    I wanted to ask what aircrafts are fully controllable from cold n dark state.

    I know the dash 8 q400 can be started up.

    If thats the only (airliner) aircraft, I would like to ask why. It adds a whole new phase of flight to the simulator and a lot more depth.

    As far as I can imagine, that neither should challenge our mobile devices.

    Would look forward to that being added in the future very very much!

    (Urgent aircrafts: A320, A380, B777, B747)

    Hello everyone,

    this is mainly directed torwarts the developers and moderators of Aerofly FS 2020.

    First off, I‘m playing mobile flight simulators since almost a decade, but AF20 has to be my favorite out of all. Reason for that is the increadible graphics, sounds and functions. Yet, this simulator sadly is not quiet as popular in the mobile flight sim communities, or at least not as popular as it should be. Here are a couple suggestions on how that can be changed, from my perspective as a long time member of several flight sim communities.

    First of all, photos are a major part of each community. Aviation delivers us the most scenic views we could ask for and people love to put that beauty of flight sims into different perspectives.
    Aerofly does deliver a breathtaking opportunity with its detailed graphics, but there is one issue. Perspectives - while we do have several camera perspectives, they dont give enough room for creativity and dont open the full potential by far. A solution would be a free cam. Let us move, let us zoom let us see new angles of the beautiful work that developers put in this sim. Not only would this improve the game quality for many „hobby-fotographers“ such as me, it also would be direct advertisement to the exact people who love simulation. Thousands of pictures will go around many platforms full of aviation enthusiasts.

    A second point could be multiplayer. Now, Im not referring to big servers with hundreds of players that cost monthly and would force a subscription. Im talking about tiny private lobbies. Let 2 or 3 people be in a world together. This could be done via game center or similar methods and would help to build more communication between players. It also would open the possibility of more effective groups, such as virtual airlines - which already exist, but seem dry without the aspect of flying together.

    (I personally would even consider paying a monthly subscription for a multiplayer function)

    Third, nothing new, but yet important - keep adding tiny content as u have done so well. Im not asking for massive updates, but the newly added liveries surprised me and many friends extremely positively, it showed that the devs are actively working and giving us content. It refreshes the feel of the sim. Next to new Liveries things such as updated sounds, lights, airports, buildings - if any of that comes ever couple months it would keep the game far more alive for way longer.

    These would be 3 things that came to my mind lately and I would like to give the developers as feedback. I believe that communities are essential to a sims success and therefore extremely important.

    I would appreciate it a lot, if developers could think or maybe even discuss these topics (espacially the free cam) and wish all best to AF20!


    Robert Xones